Golf club head and shaft in close-up



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  • Golfzon Balloon Blast Challenge

    Challenge yourself to pop the balloons floating high above New York Central Park!     Believe it or not, you can enjoy a round of golf in New York Central Park. This Virtual Golf Course newly launched by Golfzon, promises an exhilarating experience. Along wit...
  • Double the fun with Golfzon Items

    Equip yourself with an item that highlights your unique personality and double the fun of Golfzon Round!   Golfzon develops various services to provide more enjoyable experiences for golfers. Golfzon Items provide visual enjoyment and helpful tips for playing. Gol...
  • Participate in Under-Par Challenge Event

    Challenge yourself on Golfzon's most demanding course and aim for an Under-Par score! Can you believe that there is actually a golf course with a 925-yard Par-5 hole? Yes, it's the incredible Apex Challenge Golf Club (Virtual) created by Golfzon, known as the most challe...
  • Introducing new courses designed to offer thrilling experiences

    Attention, golfers seeking unique golfing experiences! We have opened three new courses tailored for passionate, avid golfers.     Golf clubs with rich history, The most formidable courses on the globe, Golf course boasting breathtaking natural landscape...