Golf Simulator vs. Golf Launch Monitor—What You Need to Know

GDR Range Continuous Tee Line

Anything that provides you data for your golf game is worth the investment, and there are a couple ways to go about it. Namely, a golf simulator and a golf launch monitor.

Each piece of golf technology has its advantages, so how do you know which one fits your game – and budget – best?

Our team at Golfzon analyzes the best use cases for golf simulators and launch monitors and shares all you need to know to make the right decision for your game.

Golf Simulators Provide a Well-Rounded Experience

Golf simulators are Golfzon’s bread and butter; with the best technology on the market and over 200 virtual golf courses replicated through detailed mapping, you can’t beat Golfzon’s unreal experience.

In fact, our golf simulators are so realistic, it’s sometimes difficult to remember you’re not physically playing St Andrews or Pebble Beach. Our moving swing plate replicates any lie you’d find on that golf course, and with our software emulating windy conditions if you’d like, you’ll never be so close to playing your bucket list courses without stepping foot on a plane.

What Is a Golf Simulator?
Golfzon golf simulators are the full package – incredibly accurate technology, a sophisticated setup and a centerpiece for all of your family and friend gatherings.

Technically, a golf simulator brings green grass golf indoors, though you wouldn’t be able to tell when you play on a Golfzon simulator. We already mentioned playing 18 holes on a world-renowned golf course without having to travel, but imagine doing so without having to deal with a slow pace of play either.

The reason Golfzon golf simulators are unlike any other is the all-encompassing experience. From a golf technology standpoint, you have sensors that pick up your shot as soon as you hit it, more than 200 golf courses at your fingertips and network play capabilities, to name a few.

From the setup, you have a moving swing plate that can move 24 different ways to exactly replicate any lie you’d find on the golf course. You also have a golf hitting mat that emulates two cuts of rough, a fairway and a greenside bunker and the fairway; the latter also acts as the putting green.

Yes, that’s one of Golfzon’s biggest differentiating factors: you can putt on this golf simulator, and the feel is intuitive. Until Golfzon, golf simulator putting was considered a given two-putt, but now you can be fully immersed in the indoor golf experience and have an accurate representation of your score.

Where Can I Play on a Golf Simulator?
With golf simulators being all about the experience, you can imagine that the setup is quite thought-out and immobile. Investing in a golf simulator is a big decision, and Golfzon is there every step of the way to ensure you design your dream space.

Whether you’re looking to install a golf simulator in your home or open up a golf simulator bar like Golfzon Social, there are plenty of avenues to owning and playing on golf simulators. We have four places in particular that are go-to spots for Golfzon golf simulators.

1. Home Golf Simulators
With home golf simulators, you have complete creativity with designing your golf simulator room. It can be a golf man cave or a full basement layout with other fun games. Golfzon’s team will work with your contractor to make sure your space and design are everything you want it to be.

2. Commercial Golf Simulators
Commercial golf simulators are another way to experience unreal. We have plenty of case studies around opening a golf simulator business and how to become profitable with Golfzon.

With the addition of food and beverage, other arcade games and golf lessons, you can create an entire business around our technology. Designing your golf simulator business space to entice repeat guests has never been easier.

3. Simulators at Golf Academies
One of the best uses of a golf simulator is the instant feedback and data you can use to improve your game. Golf academies across the world use Golfzon to do just that, and they make informed improvements with the most accurate technology.

The David Leadbetter Academy, one of the most prestigious golf academies in the world, uses Golfzon simulators, and their instructors are not alone in leveraging our innovative technologies to improve their students’ games.

4. Simulators at Golf Resorts and Clubs
Your golf club or resort may also have golf simulators available for play. Whether you’re looking for a family activity or still trying to get a round in despite the rain, a golf simulator in these locations create quite the buzz.

Pros and Cons of Golf Simulators
As with any purchase, it’s important to understand the pros and cons. Buying a golf simulator can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, and our customers can attest to Golfzon’s quality and service.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of a golf simulator in the context of a launch monitor.


  • Extremely accurate and detailed technology
  • Unmatched hardware and software
  • The main feature of your golf space
  • The ability to host parties and events, golf simulator leagues and virtual golf tournaments


  • More expensive than a launch monitor
  • The setup is not easily moveable

Golfzon Golf Simulator Offerings
Golfzon has a variety of golf simulators to fill your space, from the TwoVision to the GDR (Golf Driving Range) simulators. Experience unreal technology and feel as though you’re playing outdoors when you step up onto the moving swing plate. Enjoy tons of data on the GDR and continually improve your game with instant feedback on each shot, even putting.

Golf Launch Monitors Offer Mobility and Convenience

Golf launch monitors have plenty of similarities to golf simulators but a few key differences as well. You may have seen Golfzon’s launch monitors, the Wave, at recent PGA Shows, and we’ll have more information about them coming soon.

What Is a Golf Launch Monitor?
A golf launch monitor collects swing and ball flight data, much like a golf simulator. However, the biggest difference is that a golf launch monitor’s setup is much more mobile and typically lacks some of the network play and simulation capabilities. You’re using a launch monitor to gather data versus using a golf simulator to have an immersive experience on a virtual golf course.

Another huge difference is the golf launch monitor is typically one piece of equipment – a small piece, at that – whereas a golf simulator is an entire room’s worth of gear.

Where Can I Play on a Golf Launch Monitor?
Golf launch monitors are mainly used on driving ranges or in personal golf space setups. With its portability, launch monitors can be taken wherever you want to collect data.

You can use golf launch monitors indoors and outdoors depending on the brand and can even make your own golf simulator-like setup with a launch monitor. With a net and practice mat, you have an indoor training space during the offseason.

Pros and Cons of Golf Launch Monitors
If you’re interested in improving your golf game, you’ll want to at least have a golf launch monitor. Below are a few pros and cons around purchasing a launch monitor versus a golf simulator.


  • Portable
  • More affordable
  • Accurate data collection for game improvement


  • Less of an immersive experience with virtual golf courses
  • Lack of network play

Golfzon’s Golf Launch Monitor Offerings
Golfzon’s Wave is not your typical golf launch monitor. Backed by the same advanced and proprietary technologies as the golf simulators, our launch monitor provides accurate data, 100+ golf course simulations and a putting mat.

Should I Buy an Indoor Golf Simulator or Launch Monitor?

If you’re looking at golf simulators or golf launch monitors, you’re in the right place and can’t really go wrong with your decision. At the very least, you’re gaining more insight into your golf game, keeping practice and playing fun with the virtual golf courses and including putting in all aspects of your training.

However, there are a few distinctions that will help you decide which route to go.

1. Know Your Purpose
Why do you want to invest in your golf game? Are you looking strictly for some feedback on the go or are you looking for a more permanent setup that will become your center of entertainment? Knowing why you’re looking to purchase golf technology is key to navigating your choices.

If you’re looking for a golf room with hundreds of golf courses, data feedback, impressive hardware and high-tech software, a golf simulator is for you. If you’re looking to get some quick yet detailed feedback on your shots at the driving range and practice by playing some virtual golf courses from said driving range, a golf launch monitor might make more sense.

2. Know Your Intended Location
Are you planning to travel often or stay in one spot? With a portable golf launch monitor, you can easily pack your data collection tool among your other training aids and move from golf course to golf course, from driving range to driving range.

However, if you’re looking to build out your home entertainment center or even an indoor golf business, a golf simulator will offer an unforgettable experience. From world-renowned golf courses to arcade games to teaching capabilities, the software and hardware included in a Golfzon golf simulator would be difficult to pass up.

3. Know Your Budget
One of the most important factors is budget. Golf Digest has rated Golfzon’s golf simulators as the best premium golf simulators on the market, corroborated by Golf Inc. Magazine’s award of the TwoVision as one of the Most Innovative and Exciting New Tech Offerings – and the only golf simulator in this category.

With the greatest technology on the market comes a larger price than you’d find for a launch monitor. Golfzon’s luxury golf simulators may have a bigger price tag, but our customers say it’s worth it as they wouldn’t have any other simulator in their home or business.

However, Golfzon has offerings for every budget, and that’s where the Wave launch monitor comes in. Golf launch monitors are a less expensive option because it’s not a full immersion unless you want it to be. With some additional investments into a net and hitting mat, you’ll find your DIY golf simulator setup with a golf launch monitor is possible; you just might be missing some of our favorite features, like the moving swing plate and auto-tee.

Whether you’re looking to buy a golf simulator or a launch monitor, you really can’t go wrong if you choose Golfzon. It’s important to fill your golfing needs, and Golfzon’s offerings will meet you where you are.

We hope this comparison between these two fantastic pieces of golf technology has given you valuable insight that can help you make your decision. If you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to our expert team here at Golfzon, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.