How Golfzon Simulators Improve Golfers’ Games Instructors Corner: Q&A with Master Instructor Robin Symes

Robin Symes Golfzon Instructor Leadbetter

Golfers of all skill levels in Korea utilize Golfzon’s indoor golf simulators for a variety of game-improvement tactics. Golfzon instructor Robin Symes dives into how he is helping his students play their best golf with the best golf simulator in the industry.

Meet Robin Symes, a Golfzon Instructor

In this segment of Instructors Corner, Robin Symes explains the benefits of using Golfzon Driving Range (GDR) technology to increase his players’ consistency, perfect their equipment choices and more.

Symes, a Master Instructor and Leadbetter Golf Academy Director of Asia, has seen both sides of the game. Not only was he an accomplished amateur and now a professional golfer, he also earned his PGA Class A certification, among others, in order to coach his students to the best of his ability.

His current roster of highly decorated professional golfers range from Si Woo Kim on the PGA Tour to Choi Na Yeon on the LPGA Tour, though he enjoys introducing the game to beginners as well.

His setup at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Korea includes two Golfzon golf simulators with the GDR technology. While he is able to coach outside the majority of the year and recognizes golfers need that outdoor time to succeed in tournaments, he prizes the months he is able to spend with his students on the best indoor golf simulator because that’s where the big swing changes are made.

Why Symes Uses Indoor Golf Simulators While Coaching

Three GDR Set Up at Golfzon Golf Simulator Range Business

Symes has found Golfzon’s GDR software to be his top choice when it comes to best indoor golf simulator software. In addition to the state-of-the-art golf simulator technology that Golfzon always possesses, they take it a step further to ensure their software is lightyears ahead of others. And that’s just the indoor driving range; the best Golfzon courses also play a role in making this golf simulator Symes’ go-to teaching tool.

With the Golfzon simulator, Symes and his students are able to receive instant feedback on technical swing changes, provide intentional practice structures and find every tool he needs in one weather-resistant environment.

Technical Work and Instant, Relevant Feedback

When it comes to swing changes, knowledge is power; Golfzon golf simulators provide just that. Whether golfers are just starting out or aspiring to play on Tour, they all need to put in technical swing work.

Some golfers practice constantly while others on Tour train diligently during the off-season to make the most of their time at home. The GDR technology allows these golfers to work on the technical side of their swings in the Golfzon simulator without focusing on the results of the shot on the golf simulator screen. Instead, they can see their stats and use that data as they move on to the next shot.

With Golfzon’s indoor mirror feature, where the screen provides real-time feedback through the cameras, golfers can not only visualize their swing changes with their instructors, but they can also independently check in with their swings to see their progress.

The mirror function can be used on all aspects of the game, from driving to putting. Having this feedback at the tip of their fingers helps instructors and students alike.

Intentional Practice Sessions

Golfzon golf simulators offer students a fun and effective practice structure. Golfzon’s games and GDR technology allow instructors and students to set up challenges and goals. Practicing on an indoor or outdoor range is fun, but what about the short game? Golfzon is renowned for its ability to accurately track data and display ball flights from 100 yards and in, so golfers can practice all aspects of their game with confidence on this indoor golf simulator.

Golfzon’s simulator mat, known as the Moving Swing Plate, most closely resembles the grass you’d find anywhere on the golf course. Golfzon’s patented eight-way hydraulic swing plate with 360 degrees of directional movement adjusts to any lie – uphill, downhill and sidehill. It simulates fairway, rough and sand, and the fairway turf can be used as a putting surface. Setting up fun putting contests or chipping challenges on a Golfzon simulator to hone in on short game skills gives golfers a way to practice intentionally and effectively.

The Convenience Factor

The Golfzon golf simulator is convenient for a multitude of reasons. Practicing on an indoor golf simulator means golfers always have access to the driving range or golf course. Additionally, snow, rain or nightfall cannot keep golfers away from their training schedule when they can practice on a Golfzon simulator.

Furthermore, the Golfzon simulator setup gives golfers everything they need to succeed on the golf course. In addition to the instant feedback, practice drills and constant access, the Golfzon Moving Swing Plate takes anyone’s skills to the next level. This Golfzon technology gives instructors like Symes the opportunity to work on any type of golf shot with their students.

Indoor Golf Simulator Training Q&A with Robin Symes

Golfzon met with Robin Symes to learn more about his experience with coaching in a Golfzon golf simulator. His track record with the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Korea has earned him the recognition as one of the top golf instructors in Korea.

What is the biggest difference between giving lessons in a Golfzon simulator versus on green grass?

Spending the last two months teaching indoors, my elite students have made really great progress from a technical standpoint – by practicing indoors, they don’t get too obsessed about the result. It allows them to focus on making changes and tweaks as opposed to obsessing over where the ball ends up.

What are the benefits of giving lessons in a Golfzon simulator?

Most of my students are elite or Pros and often practice in our training facility that is 67 meters long. Having an indoor golf simulator gives the facility credibility and seeing ball flight in person while also getting their stats at the same time is helpful. Additionally, my students are able to practice indoors when there’s inclement weather.

What does your first lesson look like with a student who is new to golf?

If I had a beginner golfer who’s never played golf before, I would take them to the indoor golf simulator straight away because they won’t get upset about their ball flight. They will feel less embarrassed being inside, and the environment will shape that. Adults typically don’t learn as quickly because they get embarrassed, and playing inside takes that factor away – you don’t have to be on the range or on the tee getting ready to hit in front of others when you have an indoor golf simulator.

What features of the Golfzon simulator do you find the most valuable when giving lessons?

I am focused on the GDR technology in the academy. Having the driving range function and being able to see the ball flight changes the nature of practicing indoors. One advantage of using the GDR technology is that it makes my students’ practice sessions engaging. The challenges, like the wedge shot challenge, gives them a mission in their practice. They are engaged and, with the driving challenge, can even practice on narrowing fairways.

Certain facilities have the moving swing plate, and it’s brilliant with the on-course practice mode with different lies indoors. It’s really beneficial. Even when elite students struggle with the gap distances, say their 105m shot, which is between their wedge and 9 iron, they can easily get their distances dialed in by setting them up on the indoor golf range.

How can students improve their short game and putting while working with a simulator-based instructor?

They would mainly use the mirror mode and camera function for technique, contact and seeing different swing movements. Being able to show an instant replay does make learning quite fast as opposed to being outside. When making technical improvements on chipping, you can get your students instant feedback, accelerating the learning process.

Though I have never given putting lessons on the GDR technology, I took an elite junior out on the course and then saw him using the mirror feature indoors to practice their technique and putting.

Have you used other golf simulators for teaching? If so, how would you compare them to Golfzon?

I haven’t been on a competitor’s playing system, though I have occasionally been on the QED simulators you hear about. Competitors are always one generation behind in hardware or software. From an accuracy level, they are one step behind. These days, most technology comes down to the quality of the software, and Golfzon is always one step ahead. They seem to have a slightly higher quality, and it has a slightly better feel to it than others.

Has your teaching style changed or evolved using Golfzon? If so, how?

Living in Korea, Golfzon was already really popular. I feel like this pandemic has moved it forward 10 years since there is nowhere else to play. The best players in the world are influencers, and where do they practice? Indoor golf simulators. It has accelerated accepting golf being played inside by 10 years. I have a feeling that the pandemic has shifted the entire psychology of what golfers think of indoor golf, and this is the beginning of the wave of indoor golf. It’s not going to be the pool table as the centerpiece of a room anymore, it’s going to be the golf simulator.