The future of virtual golf.

Golfzon’s TwoVision is the culmination of 24 years of research, development, and a love for the game. We invite you to take a swing, because then you’ll finally understand what makes TwoVision the best in the game.

Key Features:
  • Moving Swing Plate
  • High-Speed Camera Sensors
  • Touchscreen Monitor Kiosk
  • Auto-Tee and Ball Retrieval System
Key Features
Zoomed In - Golfzon TwoVision SwingPlate with Golfzon Logo, Wedge Club, Golf Ball
Moving Swing Plate
With 24 positions and a multi-surface hitting mat, you can experience every lie your bucket list golf courses has to offer in the most realistic way possible.
TwoVision High Speed Camera Sensors, Red Lighting Around Left Sensor and Blue Lighting Around Right Sensor
High-Speed Camera Sensors
Mounted on the ceiling and tee-side, the Golfzon TwoVision high-speed cameras capture 400 frames per second at the moment of impact, allowing you to see your shot on the golf simulator screen instantaneously as well as receive immediate and accurate feedback on your ball flight.
TwoVision Touchscreen Monitor Kiosk
Touchscreen Monitor Kiosk
The Golfzon TwoVision simulator’s touchscreen kiosk is a viable upgrade from the Vision Premium technology. Play with a virtual caddie and gain even more shot and golf club data on the driving range through the built-in T4 sensor.
Software Features
Golfer Standing on Moving Swing Plate with Wedge
Virtual Caddie
Like having a personal caddie on the golf course, the virtual caddie will guide you through each hole and recommend golf clubs as it gets to know your game.
Golfzon TwoVision Commercial Setting with Multiple TwoVision Systems, Bar Stools and Tables, and Golf Clubs
Worldwide Network for Virtual Golf Tournaments
Virtually join other golfers in the Golfzon National American Tournament circuit, where you can play the same golf courses as the pros and win incredible prizes.
TwoVision LED Putting Guide Light with Golf Ball and Hitting Surfaces
LED Putting Guide
It’s easy to read greens on the Golfzon TwoVision simulator thanks to the LED putting guide. The best golf simulator for putting, the TwoVision ensures you know exactly where to aim.
MyPractice Data Depicted - Launch Angle, Dynamic Loft, Spin Rate, Attack Angle, Ball Speed, Head Speed, Smash Factor, Side Spin, Backspin, Carry, Distance
MyPractice offers you the ability to track up to 20 different data points and analyze every shot you make, which you can view by club. You have the option to view all the collected data on the kiosk or you can log in using your Golfzon ID and access all your statistics on the Golfzon Global Mobile App.
Golfzon has partnered with more than 240 golf courses to virtually recreate some of the most well-known tracks in the world, including St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island, Harbour Town, PGA National and more.
Our Arcade Software delivers a gamified experience through our six arcade games: Darts Golf, Block Golf, Slope Golf, Wild Wild West, Probowl Showdown, and Whack A Mole for endless hours of fun with family and friends.
Dart Golf - Golfzon Arcade Game
Darts Golf
Block Golf - Golfzon Arcade Game
Block Golf
Slope Golf - Golfzon Arcade Game Mode
Slope Golf
Wild Wild West - Golfzon Arcade Game Mode
Wild Wild West
Probowl Showdown - Golfzon Arcade Game
Probowl Showdown
Whack a Mole - Golfzon Arcade Game
Whack A Mole
Customer Testimonials
  • I would definitely recommend Golfzon to other facilities because I think they’re the best. It feels like you’re actually playing these courses. When you’re playing Pebble Beach, it feels like you’re there. It’s super special.
    Brad Gallagher, Owner and Creator of Cinderella Story
  • My customers can’t get enough of Golfzon; from the auto-tee, moving swing plate, variety of courses, tournaments and everything in between - it’s the real deal.
    Steve Harris, President of Golfplay
  • Golfzon is comparable to the golf course. Hitting from the Golfzon multi-surface mat feels almost the same as hitting out of real sand, and the way the ball reacts is spot on.
    Jeff McIntryre, Golfzon Customer from Houston, TX
  • When preparing for Long Drive competitions, I’m a big fan of being able to see my numbers and not focus so much on the flight of the ball, but see what it’s doing and how it’s reacting. Looking at spin, head speed, launch angle, azimuth - stats like that are really important to me.
    Chad Cesarz, Long Drive Champion
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Female Golfer Swinging TwoVision Moving Swing Plate and Screen

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