Metrics and Stats for Golf Swing Displayed on Golfer Post Swing on Golfzon Golf Simulator
90 Million Rounds Played in 2022
Golfzon offers the most technologically advanced golf simulators in the world, protected by over 250 patents. Founded in South Korea in 2000, Golfzon is the most popular simulator brand in the world, with 6,200 locations in 62 countries, more than 4 million members and, according to internal numbers, more than 90 million rounds played in 2022 alone.
Golfzon has partnered with more than 200 golf courses to virtually recreate some of the most well-known tracks in the world, including St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island, Harbour Town, PGA National and more.
Our simulators replicate the feel, challenges, and excitement of renowned golf courses, offering an immersive and lifelike golfing experience. Every swing, every putt is captured with precision for an unparalleled realistic experience. Whether you’re refining your skills or seeking recreational fun, our simulators can transform your golfing adventure.
With Golfzon simulators, you can discover a tailored approach to elevate your game, designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Receive instant, data-driven feedback on your performance!

These simulators focus on providing:
  • targeted training programs
  • real-time feedback
  • data-driven insights
Golfzon has over 11,439 locations worldwide. Find a Golfzon location nearest you.
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