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Frequently Asked Questions: Golfzon Simulators
How do you capture the golf swing data?
Golfzon uses high-speed camera technology that watches the dimples on the golf ball and nothing else. This allows us to acutely measure golf shots, both big and small, to the same degree of accuracy, whether it’s a 320-yard drive or a 7-inch putt.
Are the golf simulator cameras in the floor or the ceiling?
Each Golfzon simulator is unique: with the TwoVision, and Vision Premium simulators utilizing ceiling-mounted high-speed cameras, and the Vision Standard and GDR Standard utilizing floor-mounted high-speed cameras. The frame rate of the camera varies per model.
Does the auto-tee feature cost extra?
No! It’s a standard option that is built into the base price of each golf simulator unit.
How tall is the golf simulator platform?
The platform will be 7.25 inches high with finishing material.
Who builds the golf simulator space?
Golfzon provides detailed construction plans and provides access to an internal Project Manager, who will interface directly with your general contractor to ensure the booth is built properly and ready for our installation engineers when they arrive on-site to set up and calibrate your system.
Are there golf driving ranges?
Yes! Golfzon offers several driving ranges and short game practice facilities for you to choose from within the Vision software platform. If you want more, you can ask about our GDR software (Golfzon Driving Range), which is a much more robust and finely tuned training system.
Will I get any swing data?
Yes, every simulator provides a number of different data points and swing video feedback. Please see the image below for the data provided on a TwoVision driving range, which includes:
Launch Angle
Ball Speed
Distance Left (To Target)
Side Variance
Side Spin
Back Spin
Face Angle
Head Speed
How many golf courses does Golfzon have?
Golfzon currently has over 200 golf courses on our server, and we try to add as many as we can every year. In addition to our list of real golf courses, Golfzon also has a few virtual golf courses available.
Does Golfzon have other games like baseball and hockey?
Golfzon does have other games, but they all need to be played with a golf club and a golf ball. We are proud to say we’re the best golf simulator in the world, and that’s because our sole focus is on the game of golf. The other games are arcade-style, non-traditional golfing games, such as darts and blocks golf.
Who sets up the Golfzon golf simulator system?
Golfzon sends a team of highly trained engineers to install and calibrate your system. Additionally, your system warranty is activated the day that the system is fully operational.
How long does it take from the time I sign the order to playing on my Golfzon golf simulator?
We want to get you playing on Pebble Beach as soon as possible, but every case is different due to global logistics. The process typically takes 14 weeks. Please speak to your sales representative and they can give you the best possible timeline.
Can I set the Golfzon golf simulator up myself?
At Golfzon, our team of certified engineers will install your simulator, screen, & projector while professionally calibrating the system to get you playing on your simulator as quickly as possible.
How much does the golf simulator build out cost?
That depends largely on local market conditions and material/labor costs in your region. You can put your general contractor in touch with us, and Golfzon will help them understand the scope of the project so they can provide more accurate estimates.
What happens if I need golf simulator service?
We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we are here to help! Please find more information on customer service below:

Golfzon Customer Service
Hours: Monday – Saturday (9am EST – 9pm EST)
Call: 833-693-4653
Golfzon Customer Service

Hours: Monday – Saturday (9am EST – 9pm EST)
Call: 833-693-4653

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