How to Make Money with Golf Simulators ft. BIRDI Golf

BIRDI Golf Simulator Bar - Food and Wine on Table

With the rising golf simulator trend, it should be no surprise that you can make money by opening a golf simulator bar. What is surprising is that there’s still time to build a competitive golf simulator business with Golfzon’s commercial golf simulator.

Our commercial indoor golf simulators can be used in several capacities, from a sports bar to a golf academy. No matter which direction you choose (or both), Golfzon has the best golf simulator for your business venture.

Golfzon’s proprietary technology and overall luxurious quality has won the business “Best Premium Golf Simulator” for 5 consecutive years in Golf Digest’s rankings. If you want to build a high-performing business, you need high-quality golf simulators; Golfzon has you covered, from the incredible technology to the world-class golf courses to the customer service.

Golfzon will help you figure out the best space for your golf simulator bays, so you can focus on the other amenities that will add to your customers’ experience. Our business partners explain why Golfzon has the best commercial golf simulators and how they are leveraging this patented technology.

Eric Delacy, Co-Founder of BIRDI Golf, answers the money-making questions for us without giving away all his trade secrets. Based in Woodbury, Minnesota, BIRDI Golf offers the ultimate night out. Between the Golfzon golf simulators, the food and bar, not to mention all the social activities and outdoor seating, Delacy and his team have a great business plan in place. Golfzon dives deeper below.

Golfzon: What inspired you to open your own entertainment business? Why did you choose Golfzon?

BIRDI Golf: We wanted to create an energetic, fun space that golfers and non-golfers could enjoy with their friends & family while enjoying great food with a made-from-scratch, full-service kitchen and bar. After trying other brands, Golfzon definitely stood out to us as the high-end player in the indoor golf simulator space. The technology and the experience is by far the best, and our customers love it.

Golfzon: What does your pricing structure for playing on the Golfzon simulator look like? Do you offer memberships?

BIRDI Golf: Our pricing varies depending on seasonality, days of the week and time of day, but generally, we charge $50/hour to rent a bay for up to 6 golfers. We also offer a few different memberships depending on the level of play.

Golfzon: How has word spread about your golf simulator business?

BIRDI Golf: We want to be inviting to all people, not just golfers. Our advertising has included social media, print, radio, TV ads and emails. We are also active members in our community and support local food drives, youth athletics and fundraisers with donations.

Golfers enjoy the life-like game play and the comfortable seating with couches and a high-top table in each bay. But, you don’t have to book a bay to have a good time – you can simply sip a few cocktails, watch the game, enjoy a date night or spend time with friends! We offer great food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The arcade games are non-intimidating and can be played by all levels and ages. All of these amenities keep our customers happy and coming back.

Golfzon: What are your customers’ favorite features and golf courses on the Golfzon simulator?

BIRDI Golf Simulator Bay Setup Couches and Tables Behind Simulator

BIRDI Golf: There are many popular Golfzon simulator features depending on the audience. The moving swing plate and the auto-tee certainly separates Golfzon from the other golf simulator companies. I personally love the ‘F12’ feature when I’m playing myself [it deletes the last shot on the Golfzon Driving Range – or GDR – record]. The kids love the Blocks game and the darts game.

When it comes to Golfzon’s golf courses, Pebble Beach is probably the most requested along with St Andrews Old Course.

Golfzon: What kind of social events do you host, if any?

BIRDI Golf: BIRDI Golf offers fall & winter golf simulator leagues, indoor golf tournaments throughout the year as well as occasional outdoor tournaments during the summer. We have hosted a New Years Eve party, Valentine’s Day dinner, wedding receptions, birthdays, bachelor parties and fundraisers. Our space can be transformed into a unique event center and the perfect place to entertain corporate clients and colleagues in a high-energy and fun setting.

We also have all-inclusive packages including game play, food, drinks and a dedicated team to make sure everything runs smoothly. With almost 10,000 square feet of space, 8 private golf simulator bays (partial and full buyouts available), catering, a full bar and a large heated patio, there’s something for everyone. We can host from 2-250 people with made-from-scratch food, 20 beer taps, wine and specialty cocktails.

Golfzon: Other than Golfzon golf simulators, how else do you attract business?

BIRDI Golf - Bar Counter and Chairs

BIRDI Golf: Golfers can eat before, during or after they play and bring the family to a comfortable setting whether they play or not. We have live music on the patio on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer, BINGO on Wednesdays, Trivia on Thursdays and other events for the surrounding community throughout the year.

Golfzon: Do you use Golfzon simulators for golf lessons during the day? If so, how has that impacted your business at night?

BIRDI Golf: We have several pros that offer indoor golf lessons. Using Golfzon simulators, the playback video, GDR and other training features make it ideal for one-on-one or group lessons; or for the avid golfer working on his game. There’s no chasing down balls, weather constraints or limitations on time of day or year. When our pros make golf fun, it promotes the sport of golf, and people like to come back and play more.

Golfzon: What advice would you give to someone looking to open their own golf simulator entertainment business?

BIRDI Golf - Full Bar

BIRDI Golf: I can’t give away all my trade secrets, but know who your customer is, and build your business around that demographic.

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If BIRDI Golf’s interview validated all your reasons for starting a golf simulator franchise, Golfzon is happy to help you get the process started. Check out interviews from our other golf simulator businesses, like ZSTRICT, and keep feeling inspired. Your dream indoor golf simulator bar is within reach with Golfzon.