Golfzon’s Fifth Win as Golf Digest’s Best Premium Golf Simulator Contributes to Growth


Golf Digest named Golfzon’s Vision Premium a winner in the Premium simulator category of its Editors’ Choice Awards. The win makes Golfzon the only simulator company to receive the award for five consecutive years.

Golf Digest specifically touted the Vision Premium for its unique moving swing plate with multi-surface hitting mats:

“Rather than a traditional mat, the Vision Premium has a moving swing plate, giving golfers a chance to hit off an uphill, downhill, and sidehill lie, like they would on the course. The plate also has different hitting surfaces such as rough and sand to simulate those experiences.”

Additional Golfzon simulator features include:

  • The auto-tee feature, which allows golfers to set their tee height and never have to bend down to tee up their next shot.
  • A proprietary high-speed camera sensor that captures up to 2,000 frames per second to provide real-time simulated ball flight with the lowest latency rate (lag time) on the market.
  • Golfzon’s tri-layer course mapping process, which creates realistic course settings for its database of 190+ courses.
  • Golfzon’s Vision Plus software, which allows for online connectivity, custom tournament play and access to the GOLFZON app, where golfers can check their scorecards, swing replays and more.

Golfzon North America’s CEO Tommy Lim reinforced the important role of the Golf Digest award in brand building. “Carrying the distinction of an Editors’ Choice Award winner year after year has been and will continue to be invaluable in building and elevating the GOLFZON brand in North America,” said Lim.

The win points to a larger trend in popularity and growth for Golfzon simulators as more golfers and businesses are discovering its unmatched accuracy and the immersive experience it delivers. In fact, Golfzon has doubled in size each of the past three years in North America. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting ways Golfzon is expanding its footprint, its offerings and its fan base.

Best Premium Golf Simulator Chosen by More and More Businesses

Indoor golf simulators offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach more golfers and create an additional revenue stream. There are currently 50 commercial facilities carrying Golfzon simulators in North America, and three new facilities recently signed on. One facility in New Jersey, Ready Golf, will have a whooping 17 Golfzon indoor golf simulators.

Golfzon provides golf simulator solutions to a variety of businesses including sports bars, golf academies and golf clubs. It even has its own virtual golf entertainment concept called ZSTRICT.

Kids Playing on Golfzon Golf Simulator in Busy Simulator Bar Space

By partnering with Golfzon, sports bar owners are able to create a more engaging, dynamic and fun experience for their customers. Mulligan’s Swing & Drinks, with multiple locations in Mexico, is a great example of this model. Owner Jose Vargas said, “Our vision is to mix golf, technology, gastronomy, and cocktails in an incomparable inclusive atmosphere open to the public. We welcome all those who want to know and experience golf in a new fun way. We feel like we’re growing the game by introducing those who do not have access to golf. Our business is experiencing growth beyond our expectations.”

Golf academies who train golfers at an elite level will settle for nothing less than the best golf simulator on the market. That’s why they choose Golfzon. As students work to improve their game, efficient practice sessions with accurate, real-time data to perfect their ball striking and shot making is critical. The Golfzon Driving Range provides players with intelligent performance data such as ball flight, swing capture, posture adjustment and club speed, making every practice session seamless for players and coaches.

Indoor golf facilities are becoming increasingly popular amongst golf clubs looking to offer their members year-round golf, especially in parts of the country with shorter golf seasons. Golfzon offers golf clubs an ideal indoor solution not only for lessons and practice, but also for tournaments through its gameplay software.

Play Expanding List of Championship Golf Courses Virtually in the Best Indoor Golf Simulator

Golfzon premium indoor simulators have more than 190 golf courses – and counting – from around the world available for play. From the famed 7th hole at Pebble Beach measuring a mere 100 yards to Bethpage Black’s trying 18 holes known for its warning sign overlooking the first tee, golfers can tee it up at some of the greatest courses and most well-known holes in the game virtually in a Golfzon simulator.

Residential Home Buildout Golfzon Golf Simulator with Tiger Woods Poster in Background

What sets Golfzon courses apart is its meticulous mapping process that translates to high-definition, realistic course graphics. The mapping includes three key elements: satellite, drone footage and ground level photography. The result is an immersive experience that truly transports golfers to each course they play.

Golfzon maps an average of 10 new courses every year. New courses typically fit one of three sets of criteria:

  1. Top 100 course as ranked by Golf Digest
  2. Host of a PGA TOUR event
  3. Major championship / international team event (Ryder Cup) host

Most recently, Golfzon added Whippoorwill Club and Quail Hollow Club – host of the Wells Fargo Championship and the 2017 PGA Championship – to its list of prestigious courses. Soon golfers will be able to test their game at Pete Dye’s signature golf course, Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.

Largest Virtual Golf Tournament in Western Hemisphere Attracts Thousands of Golfers

On March 20, Golfzon launched the 2021 Golfzon North American Tournament, which brings golfers across North America together virtually to compete on PGA National Resort’s Champion course – host of the PGA TOUR’s Honda Classic. The virtual golf tournament features a prize pool worth $12,000, with more than 25 prizes up for grabs. Within the first twelve days, more than 2,000 rounds have been played, and Golfzon estimates 7,000 rounds will be played during the duration of the tournament.

2021 Golfzon North American Tournament Sponsored by Volvik Virtual Hole 1

To make this virtual golf tournament happen, Golfzon teamed up with 36 commercial facilities across the United States, Canada and Mexico and is utilizing its Golfzon Live Festival (GLF) gameplay mode. GLF is an exclusive gameplay mode available through Golfzon Vision Software. Golfers can compete in on-going tournaments with real-time scoring updates.

The tournament not only promises to introduce more golfers to Golfzon across North America, but it also benefits Golfzon facility partners as a business driver.

Building Inspiring Indoor Spaces with the Best Premium Golf Simulator

Another facet that sets Golfzon apart and wins customers over its top-notch customer service. Whether it’s installing golf simulators in a residence, a golf academy or even a sports bar, Golfzon works closely with its customers to ensure they have everything they need to enjoy and share their indoor golfing experience with others.

When golfers envision the best golf simulator, they expect even the smallest of details to be in place, and Golfzon does just that. From purchase to installation, Golfzon works with its valued customers to ensure they have their dream indoor golf simulator setup. The Golfzon team provides exact specifications, collaborates with contractors and reviews all work to ensure the space is ready for installation. The team will then personally install the premium golf simulator and stay on as remote support as golfers enjoy their new facility.

Golfzon truly listens to their customers and conducts thorough research to ensure all their needs are met. Whether customers are building a man cave or a fun and engaging teaching environment for a golf academy, Golfzon works with each party to deliver the ideal golf simulator setup.

Golfzon is honored by the Golf Digest record-breaking win streak, and the best premium golf simulator award only motivates the North American team to continue investing in Golfzon’s growth. Indoor golf facilities, businesses, golf clubs and golf academies supplied with Golfzon golf simulators will play an effective role in contributing to the popularity of the game in fun and meaningful ways, in addition to earning additional revenue. Golfers nationwide will also benefit from the advanced golf simulation software that will lead to game improvement and the opportunity to access the most sought-after golf courses in the world.