Is Opening a Golf Simulator Business a Good Idea?

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There’s no doubt there is a rise in indoor golf simulator businesses and demand for indoor golf options. But is opening a golf simulator business a good idea? When you’re considering opening an indoor golf simulator business, there’s a lot to consider in order to make it successful.

One way you can see if opening a golf simulator bar or commercial golf simulator business is right for you, is to see how others have found success and learn from them. Once you do this, it becomes pretty clear what the benefits are of opening a golf simulator business.

A great example of a successful indoor golf business is Hook & Fade located in Madison, WI. After working in the corporate sphere for 20 years, Ho Sung Shin, president of Hook & Fade, wanted to start his own business in the heart of downtown. An avid golfer who uses the game to connect with his friends and family, he wanted to offer a stunning facility to his community for patrons to enjoy virtual golf.

To put it simply, indoor golf businesses fulfill customer demands in ways you may not expect, and the demand for these types of business plays a large part in why it could be a good idea for you to open a golf simulator business. Using Hook & Fade as a prime example, here are some of the reasons why opening a golf simulator business is a good idea.

1. Customers visit your indoor golf simulator business year round.

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Playing on an indoor golf simulator is a year-round activity your customers can enjoy regardless of the time of day, time of the year or the weather. Unlike outdoor golf, your indoor golf business can operate year round and gives customers an activity to do anytime they want.

This especially works for Hook & Fade, which sees harsh and long winters in Madison and gives people the chance to play golf and practice even when the weather is not ideal for outdoor golf.

This means that your indoor golf simulator business not only fulfills your customers needs and gives them a fun activity to do anytime, but it’s also good for business that indoor golf has a year-round demand and isn’t seasonal.

2. Commercial golf simulators help customers improve their game.

For avid golfers looking for ways to improve their game, a golf simulator bar is the perfect opportunity to practice aspects of their game without going to a golf course or driving range, which can be costly and time-consuming. It’s a good idea if you have an indoor golf business to offer customers a chance to not only play recreationally with friends and family, but also take the time to improve their game.

Shin remarked that playing on the Golfzon golf simulators for business at Hook & Fade has really helped his game. “The ability to just practice certain shots over and over again, I think I probably improved 10 or 15 strokes,” he noted.

Unlike booking a tee time, playing on a golf simulator gives your customers the chance to practice and train for different types of shots without having to chase balls or spend too much to be out on the course.

3. Indoor golf simulators allow people to play exclusive golf courses all over the world.

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There are several highly desirable and elite golf courses all over the world that may never be accessible to most golfers, but with Golfzon’s virtual golf courses, anyone can play extremely realistic versions of these courses on a commercial golf simulator.

“My favorite course on Golfzon is Pebble Beach,” explains Shin. “The fact that I can play that course, which is really unattainable to a lot of people, and for me I can play it everyday, is a remarkable feature of Golfzon.”

Your customers may not be able to travel the world and knock courses off of their golf course bucket list, but with a golf simulator that offers virtual versions of their dream courses, you can give them an incredible experience that will keep them coming back over and over again.

4. You can give customers the chance to play the best golf simulator technology on the market.

When opening a golf simulator business, you have to carefully consider the type of golf simulator for business you will offer your customers. It’s a good idea to make the quality of the simulators a top priority to give your customers the best possible playing experience.

This was an important consideration for Shin in opening Hook & Fade. “We considered six different manufacturers and we landed on Golfzon due to its immersive experience,” he explained. “It really surprises even the avid golfers how accurate the simulator is, as well as the 200 courses that are available.”

In addition to the sheer number of course offerings, the technology also made Golfzon a stand-out choice. “Of course, the swing plate that allows them to practice shots that are on a slope is great. All these things combine to provide the best experience for our customers.”

Golfzon is the most realistic indoor golf simulator, from the precise graphics to the moving swing plate that recreates course conditions to a tee. To offer the best possible experience, you need to have the best golf simulator.

5. There are commercial golf simulator companies that make setup easy.

Hook and Fade, Full Bar

Companies like Golfzon can make setup simple so you can get your indoor golf simulator business up and running before you know it. With this kind of assistance, it’s absolutely a good idea to open a golf simulator bar.

“Golfzon makes it very simple, very easy to execute the build-out of the [simulators],” pointed out Shin. “Having strong partners like Golfzon really helps to lower the risk of starting a business like this.”

Golfzon offers guidance on how much space you need for your simulators and will be there every step of the way to get them installed as well as afterwards. “I think it’s the best platform on the market,” Shin believes.

For all these reasons, opening a golf simulator business can definitely be a good idea. Whether you’re providing members of your community with a fun way to bond with family and friends or letting avid golfers tune up their game in the off-season, an indoor golf business can bring you success and provide a fun experience to your community.