How to Start Your Golf Simulator Franchise ft. Albatross Indoor Golf Centre

Albatross Golfzon Golf Simulator Room

Starting a golf simulator business is the latest trend, and Golfzon is here to tell you how to get started with real-life case studies. Our commercial golf simulators have the most advanced technology, which means your customers will have the time of their lives.

Whether you’re looking to open an indoor golf simulator bar or perhaps start a golf academy, Golfzon has the best golf simulators for you.

What does that mean exactly? The “best” commercial golf simulator provides the most accurate feedback, has the most entertaining games and world-renowned golf courses, has the coolest simulator features and offers unparalleled customer service. Yes, Golfzon covers all your bases so you can focus on building your business around the golf simulators. Even Golf Digest agrees Golfzon has the best premium golf simulators (for 5 consecutive years!).

And you don’t have to choose between a golf simulator bar and an academy – one space can cover both objectives. If you’re interested in starting a golf simulator franchise with Golfzon, check out how this business owner planned his space.

Will Steadman, President and CEO of Albatross Indoor Golf Centre, opened his golf simulator business in 2021. Based in Ontario, Canada, Steadman believed there was a market for indoor golf simulators given the long off-season. His strategy allowed him to make space for one more golf simulator at his bar by beginning an unofficial partnership with the neighboring restaurant to provide his customers with food. His smart thinking gave him the best of both worlds.

If this golf simulator bar has a similar business plan to yours, see how they got their start with Golfzon and why. We also have plenty of material about starting a commercial indoor golf simulator space, including interviews with ZSTRICT and BIRDI Golf, to keep the ideas flowing. See your most pressing golf simulator business questions answered in the interview with Albatross Golf below.

Golfzon: What inspired you to open your own entertainment business? Why did you choose Golfzon?

Albatross: I’ve been in the entertainment industry for the past 6 years with escape rooms. Over breakfast with some friends last year, one of them was talking about his buddy who owned an indoor golf centre on the other side of town and took summers off to spend at the cottage because everyone was on the golf course in the summer. “I want summers off, maybe I should open a golf centre!” And the rest is history.

I did a ton of research before deciding on Golfzon golf simulators. Different brands had different benefits, but Golfzon by far incorporated more benefits than anyone else in one system. And since my primary focus is entertainment rather than just a teaching location, the extra bells and whistles (the moving swing plate and auto-tee, in particular) made it that much more appealing overall. I’m in a high-end area of town and needed high-end systems that would “wow” the customers. Golfzon continues to do that.

Golfzon: What does your pricing structure for playing on the Golfzon simulator look like (i.e., charge per hour, per round, etc.)? Do you offer memberships?

Albatross: We charge by the hour, regardless of the number of players. Although, we are capped at 4 players per bay due to our occupancy limits. We offer bulk discounts from 10-20% depending on the number of hours purchased. We have also tossed around the idea of memberships, but at this point have not implemented anything.

Golfzon: How has word spread about your business? (Certain types of marketing/advertising, word of mouth, etc.)

Albatross: I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people that just ‘knew’ we were here when we opened. Whether or not they drove by during construction, were in the plaza shopping for something else or heard about us from someone else, they showed up. We also advertise on the digital billboards throughout the city, on radio ads, on social media, etc.

Golfzon: What are your customers’ favorite features and golf courses on the Golfzon simulator?

Golfer Prepping Swing on Swing Plate Golfzon Golf Simulator Albatross

Albatross: We have currently been open for about 4 ½ months total, with only 5 weeks of that being the prime season, so at this point there’s not a ton of history to go on as far as customer preferences. However, most seem to like the more popular golf courses foremost. Pebble beach is up there, along with the Tour courses.

One thing we do know for sure is that everyone enjoys the Golfzon technology. Everyone loves the hydraulic swing plate and the realism that brings to the indoor game. The auto-tee system is a convenience that they didn’t realize they wanted until they tried it.

Golfzon: What kind of social events do you host, if any? (Golf leagues, tournaments, happy hours, etc.) How have those impacted your business?

Albatross: Our first golf leagues are starting this fall. Other than that, we haven’t done much yet except the Golfzon North American Tournament, since our busy season is just coming up in the next few weeks here in Canada.

Golfzon: How have Golfzon simulators impacted food and beverage sales? Other business offerings?

Albatross: We have an unofficial partnership with Tin Cup (the restaurant next door). He provides food to our establishment, which saved me having to put in a kitchen and allowed one more golf simulator. Having food and beverage onsite is an easy way to bring in more money, but having our partnership with Tin Cup is a win-win for us.

When we first opened in the winter, we didn’t yet have our liquor licence, so we are very much looking forward to seeing how the winter season pans out this year with a liquor licence in hand.

Golfzon: Do you use Golfzon simulators for golf lessons during the day? Has that had any effect on your business at night?

Albatross: We have several pros that give lessons out of our location and expect that service to grow substantially over the winter season.

Golfzon: What advice would you give to someone looking to open their own golf simulator entertainment business/franchise?

Albatross Open Space - Counter Chairs and Tables

Albatross: The best advice I can give someone looking to open is ‘location location location’! Due to the fact that the slow season is incredibly slow (I can’t blame anyone as I’m out on the golf course as often as possible in the summer as well), they need to ensure that the location they choose not only gives them the longest busy season possible, but also that their business plan ensures they put away enough revenue during the winter to cover the expenses during the summer.

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