Why Buy a Luxury Golf Simulator? A Golfer’s Story for Choosing, Building and Playing on a Golfzon Simulator

Male Golfer Swinging on Golfzon Residential Home Simulator Golfzon, Spectator in Theatre Seat Behind

Purchasing a golf simulator is a big decision. There are numerous considerations. How much do you want to invest in an indoor golf simulator? Do you want something as simple as an economical mat and net for hitting balls? Or do you want a luxury golf simulator experience that’s more immersive with a variety of options for practicing and playing like a Golfzon golf simulator? What golf simulator features are most important to you? Where does the golf simulator go in your home and what does that space look like? Do you want a golf man cave feel or a multi-use golf and entertainment space for the whole family?

To shed some light on this experience, we spoke with golfer and Golfzon customer Ken from Virginia who recently purchased an indoor golf simulator for his new home Here’s Ken’s Golfzon story.

Golfzon: Why did you start thinking about buying a home golf simulator?

Ken: When my wife and I were putting together the design of our new home, the architects had a space set out like a movie theater. I was trying to figure out how to make better use of that space. The golf club we belong to has a golf simulator and I thought about how much fun it would be to play in the winter or when the weather’s bad. As we started looking at the space, we realized it would be ideal for a luxury golf simulator.

Golfzon: How did you choose a Golfzon simulator?

Ken: I was looking for something that fit in the space and created a unique experience. I’m a technology person so I looked for the golf simulator that had the coolest technology. The digital display, moving swing plate, fact that the ball came up out of the floor and I didn’t have to reach down – those were by far very unique technical features which I found to be interesting. It was a fairly easy decision once I started comparing golf simulator technology.

Golfzon: What was the main difference between Golfzon and other indoor golf simulators you considered?

Ken: I looked at and played several home golf simulators. The main difference with Golfzon was the room in which the simulator sat in. A lot of other simulators are like a box and there’s not a lot of room to observe and participate other than the person swinging the club. Because we were building a new home, we spent a lot of time thinking about it and wanted something that was compatible and a fixture in the home. We also wanted to be able to enjoy it with family and friends. This golf simulator needed to be something that looked like it wasn’t just popped out of a box. The Golfzon simulator matched the high-end home with the experience I was looking for. It’s something I plan to have and use for many years.

Golfzon: Was there a moment when it clicked for you that Golfzon was the best golf simulator for you?

Ken: One downside to a lot of golf simulators is it’s really hard to get the putting the same as playing outside. With Golfzon, putting is much more accurate than other simulators. Like most people, I was skeptical. I was at the showroom and had a long putt. The Golfzon representatives were showing me on the screen the different colors representing elevation change and distance with the overlay grid. Looking at those three things, I realized it was very similar to how you read an actual putt. I thought about it and hit it. It was about 30-40 feet. It dropped right into the hole and I said – ‘Well, this has got to be it.’ If I can make a 30-foot putt in a golf simulator, that ought to be good for my golf game in some form.

Golfzon: Once you decided to purchase a Golfzon home simulator, what was the design and construction process like?

Ken: My contractor is actually a good friend of mine who’s also a golf nut so he got very into the project. Between him, myself and the carpenters, we figured out how to lay out the floorplan. As a technologist, I was very interested in figuring out how the cables ran, where the computers went and all the networking. Then I had to figure out how to integrate the movie theater aspect of the system. Golfzon was great to work with – they provided plenty of advice and ideas. Overall, the results have been great. Everyone who’s been here to see and play in the Golfzon simulator believe the outcome was worth the effort.

Golfzon: What are your favorite aspects of your Golfzon simulator?

Ken: I like the flexibility of it. When you’re in practice mode, there’s a putting practice area, a short game practice area (which I really enjoy) and then the classic driving range. You can easily toggle between the three. With other home golf simulators, you’re just hitting balls. With Golfzon, you can actually change the distances, the feel and the way the green lays out. The other thing I like is it’s a sophisticated, highly accurate system. It’s something the best golfers can get a lot out of – accuracy, detail and stats – but a 7-year-old child can come down here; hit balls and have just as much fun.

Golfzon: What has been your experience with some of the unique features of the Golfzon simulator, like the moving swing plate, auto-tee and multiple hitting surfaces?

Ken: The act of hitting a ball into a screen is pretty common with a home indoor golf simulator. When I describe the Golfzon system and people see the system, the swing plate starts to move and the ball pops up – that really makes a difference because that’s very unique. Everyone says ‘wow, that makes the system.’

The auto-tee has a big impact on play. With other home simulators, when you hit two or three balls, you have to collect them afterwards. That can extend the round twice as long as necessary. With the Golfzon system, when you hit the ball off the tee, it hits the screen and goes down a reverse incline. The ball automatically comes back; goes under the swing plate and is re-teed. So, with Golfzon, you can play a lot more golf in a much shorter amount of time.

The multiple hitting surfaces is another unique feature of the Golfzon home simulator. Most indoor golf simulators have artificial turf and away you go. With Golfzon, when you miss the fairway, it actually makes you put the ball in the rough. Then you have to understand how the ball flight is going to be different and what club choice to make. That’s significant.

Golfzon: What’s your advice for someone looking to buy an indoor golf simulator?

Ken: Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t go low-end. There are a lot of ways to get that experience. If you’re going to put something in your home that’s going to be there for a while and you really want to enjoy it, buy the best one. And for me that’s Golfzon.