Top 6 Home Golf Simulator Room Design Ideas

Residential Home Buildout Drawing Idea Diagram

After you have selected which luxury home golf simulator fits your space best, it’s time to design the room so you have the perfect set up for the indoor golf simulator for your home. Golfzon works closely with you to ensure all the logistical details are in place; now you can focus on the next fun part – bringing the space to life. That’s why we’re giving you our 6 most popular home golf simulator setup options.

While all of the golf simulator room ideas listed below are associated with different rooms, the design ideas are versatile and can be used in almost any space. Common themes to ponder include seating, additional entertainment and refreshments. Do you want this to be a space for your friends, your family, yourself or a combination? Knowing the purpose of your luxury home golf simulator room will enable you to put the perfect finishing touches in place.

As a 5-time consecutive winner of Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice Award in the premium simulator category, Golfzon’s innovative technology ensures you are getting the best home golf simulator in the industry. You’re getting the crème de la crème of golf simulators; how do you want the rest of the experience to feel? Browse the popular home golf simulator setup ideas below, from the garage to a basement golf simulator, and let your imagination flow.

1. An Industrial Garage Golf Simulator for Your Friends

Residential Garage Home Golfzon Golf Simulator Set Up Design Idea

Having the best home golf simulator in your garage creates the ideal setting for friends to gather. Keep the natural, industrial look of the garage but add some fun touches like exposed pipes or brick, brass shelving and, of course, a decked out bar with craft beer on tap. Hang black and white photographs of the city, and you will feel like you just walked into a trendy urban bar.

When it comes to a golf simulator room design, it can help to have a blank space full of possibilities, and usually a garage is just that.

Going with an industrial garage look gives your home golf simulator a modern yet casual place to shine. For this golf simulator room layout, picture a relaxed, clean atmosphere where you can bet your friends you’ll score lowest on the Bear Trap at PGA National. The next round of drinks may still be on you, but the bragging rights will also be yours.

2. The Ultimate Golf Simulator Basement for Your Family

A basement golf simulator is an excellent idea for families. Turn your basement into the ultimate fun zone, with a luxury home golf simulator on one end and a ping pong table on the other; for those going all out, consider a bowling alley. Golfzon’s arcade software is ideal for a family game night. Imagine all the great memories you’ll make with your children playing these games in your very own golf simulator room.

Installing a home golf simulator in the basement gives you plenty of space to work with. You can curate the entire flow in the basement so everyone in the family will enjoy the setup. Just because you’re creating a kid-friendly zone doesn’t mean the adults can’t enjoy themselves as well with a bar and pool table. Make your house the place to be with the best basement golf simulator ideas in action.

3. A Golf Simulator Office Setup for the Serious Golfer

If you bought a luxury golf simulator because you need a space dedicated to improving your game, you will find an office or extra bedroom is an excellent place to design your training area. This professional golfer-like setup will not only cover all your game improvement bases, but it will also maximize your room’s space. In fact, this is sometimes the most ideal golf simulator floor plan for the most serious players.

Since this will be your training room, fill it only with the essentials for game improvement — no need to entertain guests. Set up a TV area to watch your instructional videos and don’t forget to add a mirror to your room for live swing checks; golf instructors find using Golfzon golf simulators advantageous when teaching their students, so you can rest assured you’ll find every tool you need to improve your game at home.

Furthermore, the Golfzon Driving Range (GDR) software will take your game to the next level. Between the technology and the cameras, which auto-record your every shot to ensure you can analyze your swing, your golf room will be the envy of every professional golfer out there. Having the best home golf simulator on the market will also seriously improve your game.

4. A Golf Simulator Bonus Room for Your Favorite Foursome

Residential Buildout With Projector and Movie Theatre Set Up and Golfzon Golf Simulator in Background

Residential Home Buildout by BRAVAS Colorado

If you have a shed or FROG (front room over garage), transform your home golf simulator space into a golf man cave or she shed with everything you need to host the best tailgates and happy hours with your favorite foursome. A golf simulator shed also means you can make as much noise as you want laughing with your buddies without disturbing the peace inside the house.

In a luxury golf simulator man cave, you can add a bar, more TVs and even a kitchenette so you can host non-stop rounds of golf with your buddies. Dress up the place with your favorite golf memorabilia, like golf books and famous golf course flags, and immerse yourself in your golf sanctuary.

When it comes to she sheds, you can curate an entire experience from outside the shed all the way to the luxury golf simulator. Add lots of windows with curtains, beautiful landscaping and a wine bar to your she shed and enjoy the perfect happy hour golf round. Don’t forget the Frosè machine!

The she shed can also become your place to display your favorite golf memories, from golf course portraits to hats to logoed golf balls. In fact, the perfect touch would be ordering your own set of customized golf balls for your favorite foursome to use while you play in your golf simulator shed.

5. A Golf Simulator Resort Escape for Staycationers

Sometimes you just need to get away, and if you are installing a Golfzon golf simulator in your guest or pool house, you just hit the jackpot; you can still have an indoor golf simulator for your home without taking up a single square foot in your house. Make walking across the backyard lawn equivalent to a first-class flight – you’ve just arrived at your very own private resort.

When you think about the home golf simulator cost, you might not think about it actually saving you money. But when you get to play on some of the most elite golf courses in the world all from your home, it’s doing just that!

With the residential golf simulator set up in one room, transform the rest of the guest house and outdoor area into your perfect vacation. Add a spa and build an outdoor pool bar, and you can pretend to be wherever you’re playing on the simulator. Stay stateside with a round at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island or take advantage of the expansive list of Golfzon golf courses and play the Evian Resort Golf Club in France.

6. A Golf Course Simulator Room for the Golf Fan

Make your happy place the central design focus for the indoor golf simulator for your home. Have you traveled to the Gary Player Country Club in South Africa and want to relive your round there? How about Spyglass Hill or wherever you shot your lowest round? Visually emphasizing positive memories will make your confidence soar on the golf course, virtual or otherwise.

Walk into a room that makes you feel like you are on the first tee – murals of the golf course surrounding the luxury golf simulator, carpet resembling clean-cut grass on the finest of golf courses, a ceiling with blue skies. You can even add your favorite 19th hole snacks and beverages for the full experience. Depending on which type of room you plan to install your residential golf simulator in, you have plenty of space to design your favorite golf hole.

Once you have an idea of who will be using the room and for what purpose, the golf simulator room designs will flow. If you’re looking to entertain friends in your luxury golf simulator room, creating an experience that encompasses everything from the warm up to the virtual golf round to the 19th hole refreshments is essential.

Those who are aiming to create a family-friendly zone will find many other games can complement the golf simulator design, which will inspire lifelong memories. Lastly, the golfers who want a space to tee it up at any time of their choosing can find that sanctuary with a Golfzon home golf simulator.

Wherever you decide to install your home golf simulator, Golfzon has plenty of room design ideas to share. Feel inspired and create an ambiance around your luxury golf simulator that feels like a breath of fresh air when you walk in to play your favorite course.