How to Create the Ultimate Golf Man Cave with Golfzon

Walt Reillys Food and Drink Foreground, Golfer on Golfzon Golf Simulator Blurred in Background

While golfers can always play outdoors, the fact remains that having the option to play a round of nine in the comfort of your own home, no matter the weather or season, is too good an opportunity to pass up for a true golf fanatic.

When it comes to taking a break from it all, the best place to kick back is in your golf man cave with a golf simulator, complete with comfy seating, TVs and plenty of space to do what you love with the help of a Golfzon indoor golf simulator.

Residential Garage Home Golfzon Golf Simulator Set Up Design Idea

Who wouldn’t want to walk down to their basement or out to the garage or even to their guest house and immediately be on the first tee at St Andrews, Pebble Beach or The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island? You wouldn’t need to book any tee times and you can bring your own beverages of choice. Whether you’re playing a solo round or one with a group of buddies, have a great time with your man cave golf simulator.

Another reason to deck out your golf man cave with a Golfzon simulator is if you live in a cold weather climate and your outdoor golf season is as short as 4-5 months. You could stop longing for summer or going through the hassle of golf trips to warmer climates with a golf-themed man cave.

You might be wondering what goes into creating the ultimate golf man cave. How do I choose the right golf simulator? What goes into the building process? What are the must-haves for the space? Here’s a guide to help you start creating your dream indoor golf oasis.

Choosing Your Golf Simulator

If you’re going to have the ultimate golf man cave, you need the ultimate golf simulator. The Golfzon home golf simulator fits the bill and then some. Awarded the ‘Best Premium Golf Simulator’ by Golf Digest for five consecutive years and running, more and more golfers are seeing the difference with Golfzon and appreciating the advanced technology that set it leagues apart from its competitors:

Patented 8-way Hydraulic Swing Plate
The Moving Swing Plate accommodates 360 degrees of directional movement – and up to 15˚ of pitch – to allow true-to-life play by simulating golf course slopes from the tee box to the putting green.

If you’ve played golf in a simulator or hit into a net, you know it can be annoying to retrieve the golf balls over and over again and placing them back on the tee. Imagine a world where you never have to bend down to re-tee a ball. Golfzon’s auto-tee means all you have to do is set your tee height – you’ll never have to pick up a ball again.

Multi-Surface Hitting Mats
The moving swing plate also features different materials in its tri-surface mat. Play with three different textures beneath your feet, from fairway to rough and bunker-like surfaces. Each of these unique hitting surfaces provide an unmatched real-world feel.

Real-Time Ball Flight (With No Delay)
Other golf simulators have a slight lag from when you hit a ball to when you start seeing the ball flight on the screen. With Golfzon’s indoor golf simulators, there’s zero lag. It’s like being outside.

You hit the ball and you can immediately see the ball flight due to Golfzon’s proprietary T1/T2/T3 sensors paired with two high-speed cameras (up to 2,000 frames per second and up to 120 meters per second of ball capture speed) to accurately trace club movement as well as impact and ball movement.

Deciding on the Right Golfzon Model

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a Golfzon simulator for your golf man cave, the next step is selecting the model. Explore the Vision Standard, Vision SP and GDR+ simulators and contact Golfzon for recommendations about the best golf simulator for you.

Some customizable features include the following:

  • Screen Size: You can choose from a variety of screen sizes based on the size of your golf simulator man cave.
  • Swing Plate: You can go with a static swing plate or hydraulic swing plate that moves to adjust to your lie.
  • Software: You can select from software upgrade options for both the Golfzon Driving Range (GDR) and Arcade software systems.

Constructing Your Indoor Golf Simulator

Once you’ve purchased your simulator, you’re ready to design and construct your golf simulator space. For great golf man cave ideas, a Golfzon sales operations manager will guide you through the construction process as a remote consultant. Golfzon also has recommendations for spaces other than a man cave.

At your discretion, you can either choose to contract a third-party designer or create the design yourself. The design can take any creative direction you want.

If you’re building the ultimate golf man cave in your basement, maybe you want your space to double as a home theater so you can watch the PGA Tour with your buddies after battling it out on your golf simulator. Or if you’re going with a garage set-up, you might have a more industrial design in mind.

Golf Simulator Plans Diagram for Spacing Requirements

After the design is finalized, construction on your golf man cave can begin. Your Golfzon operations manager will work with your construction team every step of the way. Once the space has been framed and constructed, Golfzon will send highly specialized technicians and engineers to install your Golfzon simulator.

This entire process typically takes 6-8 weeks from purchase to installation. As you can see from Ken’s video below, he built the ultimate golf man cave thanks to Golfzon’s advanced technology and customer service, and he couldn’t be happier.

Equipping Your Indoor Golf Man Cave

With your Golfzon golf simulator installed, it’s time to equip the space and make it truly yours. For starters, most golfers are equipment junkies. They’re either trading in, selling or buying new clubs every year or sometimes every few months depending on how they’re playing.

Eventually, if you accumulate enough clubs, you either need racks (which take up a lot of space) or you can opt for roomy staff bags. Not only are these bags great decoration for the golf cave, but they also provide great storage for your abundant club collection. When friends come over, they may not even need to bring their own clubs when you have multiple sets on hand.

Vision Premium Model Apartment Set Up, Residential, Home

As a bonus, Golfzon simulators provide accurate swing, club and ball data for club fitting and training. If you’re on the fence about which golf clubs are right for you, you can test clubs side by side in the simulator or tweak your adjustable driver settings to truly dial in your numbers.

With Golfzon, the launch conditions are always the same, compared to the outdoors where unpredictable weather can affect ball flight or club performance. An indoor residential golf simulator like Golfzon’s will give you the same hitting conditions every time. This is key for accurately improving your game.

Decking Out Your Golf Man Cave

There’s no doubt that with a state-of-the art Golfzon golf simulator in your golf-themed man cave, your friends and family will be jealous. But even a gorgeous golf simulator with renowned golf courses from around the world can use some nearby decorations for the ultimate luxe look and feel.

Residential Buildout Golfzon Simulator Couches Golf Clubs Cooler with Drinks

Some golf man cave ideas for decorating include art, books, hats, flags, golf balls, ball markers and autographs. If you have personal memorabilia like pin flags from courses you’ve played or aspire to play, these can be great conversation starters when you have buddies over. They can be framed for an extra touch of class or hung with something as simple as a hook or sturdy thumbtack.

If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you definitely want to have space for snacks and beverages. Whether it’s a fully stocked fridge or a full bar, it’s important to stay hydrated while practicing or playing in the Golfzon simulator. There are plenty of breweries and distilleries that make golf-themed booze – stock up on these or fill the shelves with your favorites for before, during or after your round with Golfzon.

The Golf Man Cave of Your Dreams

Now that your indoor golf man cave is complete, you may never want to leave. And with all the options to customize your space and your Golfzon simulator, it will be unique to you – just like your golf game. Your golf oasis awaits.