The Best Indoor Golf Simulator to Grow Your Business

Golfzon Commercial Setting with Multiple Golfzon Golf Simulator Bays

Opening a golf simulator business is an exciting venture, and Golfzon has the best golf simulators for your plan’s foundation. Building your own indoor golf business could be your dream come true, which is why you need Golfzon as a partner – only the most advanced software will meet your standards, and we have it. Golf Digest has voted Golfzon as the best premium golf simulator for 5 consecutive years and running.

Golfzon’s commercial indoor golf simulators have unreal technology, protected by over 250 patents. Our partners around the world agree that our moving swing plate, different hitting surfaces (including a putting lie) and auto-tee features are game changers. Add in our fun arcade games and over 190 famous golf courses from around the world and you have one happy customer.

Golf simulator businesses can be open year-round, though we know cold months are the best time to grab a hot toddy inside and play your favorite golf course. Business tends to pick up during off season, but that doesn’t mean your other amenities can’t make you a 365-day booming business.

Whether you’re dreaming of a sports bar and lounge, a golf academy or something else entirely, Golfzon has several golf simulator room designs and interviews with partners to get you started.

Commercial golf simulators offer great return on investment (ROI) potential and add versatility to business offerings. For example, a typical fee for a Golfzon bay is $50/hour, with an average of daily bookings of 10 hours for four or more golf bays. That equates to $500 in daily revenue, or $150,000-$175,000 annual revenue per bay.

Indoor golf simulators can create revenue for a variety of different businesses. For example, Golfzon simulators can be set up in a sports bar where customers can enjoy food, drinks and the big game while they play a few holes. The ability to sell golf simulator bays by the hour can create an additional revenue stream for hotels and resorts. Businesses can even treat Golfzon simulators just like other ancillary resort services and activities, like the spa and guided outings.

Let’s take a closer look at these different types of businesses and how they can benefit from commercial golf simulators.

Elevating the Sports Bar Experience with the Best Golf Simulators

One location people might be surprised to find a commercial golf simulator is in a sports bar. Sports bars are typically laid out with wall-to-wall TVs, showing every sport imaginable; additional features usually include pinball games, dart boards or a shuffleboard table in the back.

Kids Playing on Golfzon Golf Simulator in Busy Simulator Bar Space

However, that model is rapidly changing as sport bar consumers’ preferences have evolved from the traditional sticky floors and stale beer smell to sleeker and more modern, elevated experiences. A Golfzon-powered sports bar and lounge is the perfect interactive gaming experience consumers are looking for in every market.

While many sports bar regulars just want to watch the games with their buddies, more and more are interested in competing in friendly matches while being able to socialize with friends and family.

The versatile Golfzon platform supports all-day revenue generating opportunities. Morning hours can be dedicated to providing group or individual lessons, and afternoon hours can include hosting business meetings and leveraging Golfzon Arcade games like darts and block golf. Nights can be reserved for a number of private parties or tiered leagues for every type of golfer.

Creating a dynamic destination tends to be the entrepreneurs’ goal. For example, Golfplay in Ontario has tapped into a wide market of avid golfers and non-golfers alike by concentrating on the full experience, which includes food and drink. “We think of it as a big golf party,” says owner Steve Harris. And the superior Golfzon experience is integral to the appeal.

Harris went on to say, “Believe me, we tested every indoor golf simulator out there before we made our decision. Golfzon is so much better than the next best thing, and it’s not even close.”

Additionally, unlike traditional golf businesses, the Golfzon Sports Bar and Lounge is not affected by weather conditions. As a Golfzon proprietor, you will be offering the best indoor golf experience that is always open for business.

Another example is Mulligan’s Swing & Drinks, with multiple locations in Mexico. Owner Jose Vargas said, “Our vision is to mix golf, technology, gastronomy and cocktails in an incomparably inclusive atmosphere open to the public. Mulligan’s Swing & Drinks welcomes all those who want to know and experience golf in a new, fun way. We feel like we’re growing the game by introducing it to those who do not have access to golf. Our business is experiencing growth beyond our expectations.”

Check out some tips about starting a franchise and making money with golf simulators from our interviews with Albatross Indoor Golf Centre and BIRDI Golf.

ZSTRICT Makes Indoor Golf Simulators the Main Attraction

Another model for indoor golf simulator businesses is making golf simulators the heart and soul of the experience. In many areas, there’s an opportunity to tap into a market for growing golf enthusiasm with the Golfzon ZSTRICT business model.

ZSTRICT Panorama People Socializing, Golfzon Golf Simulator Bays

ZSTRICT, powered by Golfzon, is a virtual golf entertainment facility offering superior technology, competition and fun for all. The Chelsea Piers, Connecticut, venue has quickly become a staple for golfers in the Fairfield County area.

A year-round golf destination for golfers of all ages and abilities, ZSTRICT has quickly amassed over 250+ five star reviews in 12 months. With over 11,000 square feet, 10 golfing bays and 15 HDTV’s, it’s a go-to spot for all things golf.

ZSTRICT General Manager and PGA Professional Ben Mackey said, “Every customer that walks in the door is immediately impressed by the technology of the Golfzon simulators. Once they play a hole or two, they are instantly hooked. The swing plate, auto-tee, multi-surface mats and unrivaled putting experience speaks for itself. The next thing you know, they want to join one of our leagues and are texting their buddies to come by.”

At ZSTRICT, there will always be time to play. This includes birthday parties, corporate events, team-bonding events and bachelor/bachelorette parties. For the more casual golfers, the ZSTRICT model offers flexible event spaces, full bar service, excellent food and beverage options, widescreen TVs, women’s events, junior programs and much more.

Indoor Golf Simulators at Golf Academies Allow for Play and Practice Year-Round

As kids and young adults become more and more invested in sports, the idea of attending sports academies has become more viable for those with the means and the drive to be professional athletes.

This is no different in golf, as academies have been around in Florida, Arizona and Southern California for years. These locations offer exceptional year-round weather for golf. In fact, see how David Leadbetter and his Leadbetter Golf Academies utilize Golfzon simulators to give their students exactly what they need to succeed in college and on Tour.

David Leadbetter Instruction, Leadbetter Bay, Male Golfer Taking Lesson GDR

But what about golf academies where the golf season only lasts half the year? Students and teachers need space to hone their games when the temperatures and weather don’t allow for getting out on the golf course. In these cases, it’s imperative to have an effective way to practice inside.

To prepare and practice at an elite level, your students require an elite golf simulator that feels just like a green-grass course. Golfzon’s immersive simulators offer a number of features that aren’t available with other indoor golf simulators, making them a top choice for golf academies.

Additionally, Golfzon’s ball flight time “delay” is five microseconds or less and is undetectable to the nake eye. This instant feedback makes any golfer feel like they’re on the course, watching their ball-flight in real time.

Furthermore, with the Golfzon Vision Premium simulator, you can practice any lie from any angle in the fairway, rough or bunker. These multiple surfaces allow for golfers of all abilities to replicate tough lies from anywhere on the course.

"Nice Shot" on Approach Practice, Golfzon Vision Premium Simulator

Effective and efficient practice sessions are a key component to any successful golf academy. Unlike the traditional driving range experience, the Golfzon Driving Range provides players with intelligent performance data such as ball flight, swing capture, posture adjustment and club speed, making every practice session seamless for players and coaches.

Much like Division 1 football and basketball programs investing in their locker rooms to recruit five-star athletes, adding Golfzon simulators to a golf academy’s portfolio of offerings immediately distinguishes the average from the elite.

Increase Member Engagement with an Indoor Golf Simulator at Golf Clubs

For golf clubs whose golf season isn’t year-round, off-season revenue typically relies heavily on food and beverage during the winter months; now, however, more and more golf courses are renovating their clubhouses to include indoor practice facilities that are available to members all year.

Male Golfer About to Swing on Golfzon Golf Simulator, Evian Golf Club Golf Bag Forefront Vision

Not only does this help retain current members, but top-of-the-line indoor golf simulators help attract new, prospective members as well. For the revenue-minded golf club, Golfzon offers several opportunities to realize significant ROI:

  • Off-season, inclement weather and after-hours golf lessons
  • Corporate team-building events
  • Birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Tournaments, long drive and closest-to-the-hole contests

The benefits don’t stop there. Golfzon’s multiplayer functionality gives members the opportunity to gather and boost food and beverage sales. With Golfzon simulators, golf clubs can conduct a winter league or tournament and see how they stack up against clubs across the country.

Surprise and Delight Resort or Hotel Guests with an Indoor Golf Simulator

Guests of high-end golf resorts expect the very best from all aspects of their experience. Entertainment options usually include bars, restaurants, a fitness center, spa and maybe a movie theater for the kids.

Guy Looking Excited At Golfzon Golf Simulator Screen On Moving Floor, Friends Cheering

Details elevate great resorts. Adding Golfzon golf simulators as an amenity offers guests the premier indoor golf experience and ensures bad weather never dampens a guest’s day. Without requiring investment in additional staff, training or resources, Golfzon can greatly enhance guest services. There are infinite reasons for resort and hotel guests to play on an indoor golf simulator, but it all comes back to providing guests with an excellent, unrivaled experience.

Opening a golf simulator business can take place in just about any setting. From sports bars to golf academies to golf clubs and resorts, Golfzon technology is versatile and unmatched. Indoor golf simulators offer a memorable experience with a high ROI opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners. Diversify and grow your business with a Golfzon simulator.