Open your own golf simulator business or add a golf simulator to your existing business. Golfzon’s customized solutions offer unparalleled indoor golf solutions. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Various Commercial Models
Golfzon Bar and Lounge Setting with Bar Tables, Golf Club Sets, TwoVision Simulators, and Moving Swing Plate and Screens
Entertainment Center
Create an unforgettable indoor golf experience by opening your own sports bar & lounge, cigar lounge, 24-hour key fob facility, or other entertainment center. Get in touch with your Golfzon regional sales representative to bring your vision to life!
Golfzon Range in Little Ferry, NJ Venue Space with Seating and GDR Continuous Tee Lines
Academy & Driving Range
Gain an edge on your competition by elevating your training program year-round. Offer your students highly accurate and instantaneous feedback year round.
Two Golfzon TwoVision Simulators with Four Sets of Golf Clubs in Center - Continuous Screen
Golf Clubs & Resorts
Unlock new revenue opportunities and experiences for your players. Offer your golfers the ultimate golf simulator experience that will keep them coming back all year round.
Quick Things to Consider
Embark on your golf simulator business journey with confidence. Ensure ample space, an optimal location, and strategic financing to set the stage for success. Transform your passion into a thriving venture and welcome those in your area to an unparalleled golfing experience! Our Golfzon team is here to help set you up for success.
Ceiling Height Matters
Keep your golfers swinging freely! Ceiling height is critical for space consideration. With a ceiling height of at least 11 feet, you create an environment that accommodates various swing styles. A spacious vertical expanse ensures an immersive and unrestricted golfing experience. We can work through solutions for different spacing needs, however! Reach out to our sales team to talk through a personalized approach to your current space.
Optimal Space Requirements
Each golf simulator will require a spacious playing area and we recommend planning your venue and space to have at least 600-800 sq feet per simulator. The space needed per simulator alone is around 400 sq ft per sim, but its important to account for space for kitchen, bar, bathrooms, office space, lounging, and/or other activities you may want to include in your venue. Planning for this amount of space ensures players will have a comfortable experience at your location.

Our sales team will be happy to talk through space requirements with you specific to your plan and location.

Bonus tip: Pay close attention to column spacing in the location you are considering for your business. Let our Golfzon team be a part of mapping out the perfect solution for your new Golfzon simulator location by contacting sales today.
Location, Location, Location
Choose your business location strategically. Consider high-traffic areas, proximity to golf enthusiasts, and accessibility. A well-chosen location can significantly impact foot traffic and the overall success of your golf simulator business.

When looking for higher ceilings, 11ft or higher, it may be best to search for a warehouse. This will provide the ideal ceiling space and potentially lower rent spend. However, you may need to put in a little more work on the marketing and programming side to draw in your customers.

Brick and mortar retail in high traffic areas can be helpful with drawing in more customers but it can also provide some challenges on space, though nothing is impossible! Our sales team can walk you through some options on the best simulators to fit the space and need for your business.
Financing Your Dream
Explore financing options that align with your business goals. Consider the benefits of applying for a SBA loan through a bank near you for comprehensive financial support, providing stability and flexibility.

Alternatively, equipment financing can be a focused solution, specifically tailored for acquiring the necessary simulators and technology. Golfzon has third party partners who can support you with equipment financing.

Not sure what route to go? Let’s talk through it!
Golfzon offers the most technologically advanced golf simulators in the world, protected by over 378 patents. Learn more about what makes Golfzon the #1 simulator in the world.
Our simulators replicate the feel, challenges, and excitement of renowned golf courses, offering an immersive and lifelike golfing experience. Every swing, every putt is captured with precision for an unparalleled realistic experience. Whether you’re refining your skills or seeking recreational fun, our simulators can transform your golfing adventure.
With Golfzon simulators, you can discover a tailored approach to elevate your game, designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Receive instant feedback on your performance with our targeted training programs and data-driven insights.
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