GDR+ provides precision analytics, data tracking and breathtaking visuals that surpass any driving range when it comes to keeping your game sharp.

Key Features:
  • T2 Floor Camera Sensors
  • GDR Plus Software with Over 30 Golf Courses
  • 5 Different Practice Modes
  • Auto-Tee and Ball Retrieval System
Golfzon’s Wave has the industry’s first putting mat to analyze every swing. We all know the phrase — drive for show, but putt for dough.
Golfzon’s Wave brings analysis to the most important strokes to your scores with the industry first putting mat.

Key Features:
  • Dialed In Data
  • Precision Putting
  • Easily Portable
  • Vision Wave Software for 140+ Golf Courses
  • Wave Skills App - Connect Your Phone/Tablet to the Wave
  • I would definitely recommend Golfzon to other facilities because I think they’re the best. It feels like you’re actually playing these courses. When you’re playing Pebble Beach, it feels like you’re there. It’s super special.
    Brad Gallagher, Owner and Creator of Cinderella Story
  • My customers can’t get enough of Golfzon; from the auto-tee, moving swing plate, variety of courses, tournaments and everything in between - it’s the real deal.
    Steve Harris, President of Golfplay
  • Golfzon is comparable to the golf course. Hitting from the Golfzon multi-surface mat feels almost the same as hitting out of real sand, and the way the ball reacts is spot on.
    Jeff McIntryre, Golfzon Customer from Houston, TX
  • When preparing for Long Drive competitions, I’m a big fan of being able to see my numbers and not focus so much on the flight of the ball, but see what it’s doing and how it’s reacting. Looking at spin, head speed, launch angle, azimuth - stats like that are really important to me.
    Chad Cesarz, Long Drive Champion
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