PGA Show 2023: Golfzon Does It Again

Golfzon 2023 PGA Show Booth with Attendees

Riding the wave from the 2022 PGA Show into 2023, Golfzon had a wonderful time showcasing two golf simulators and more to the industry. The atmosphere on the floor in Orlando this year was electric, a definite uptick in attendance and enthusiasm compared to last year.

Golfzon took it up a notch this year as well, bringing in more golf technology, more contests and giveaways and an overall more engaging experience with golf fans and industry members. After the TwoVision and Wave’s successful introductions to the golf world last year, attendees could try them both out on the floor, along with the GDR+ golf simulator and the Wave Play.

We’re already reminiscing about how much fun we had at the PGA Show; join us as we highlight our favorite parts so everyone has a chance to experience unreal – even virtually.

Golfzon’s Golf Simulators and More on the Floor

2023 PGA Show TwoVision Plus Booth with Attendees Walking By Blurred

To kick us off, let’s start with what golf technology our Golfzon booth had at the PGA Show. We had four distinct corners with tons of space down the middle for our happy hour:

  • TwoVision Golf Simulator
  • GDR+ Golf Simulator
  • Wave Golf Launch Monitor
  • Wave Play

The TwoVision Golf Simulator: The Best in the Biz
Introduced at the PGA Show in 2022, the TwoVision golf simulator continued to entertain the crowds with its incredible technology.

Everyone who stepped up to play one of the 200+ virtual golf courses, all modeled after your dream bucket list, experienced the 24-position moving swing plate, 5-surface hitting mat and crisp software that immediately returned accurate data.

We aren’t biased when we say this is the best golf simulator on the market – Golf Inc. Magazine listed the TwoVision as one of the Most Innovative and Exciting New Tech Offerings (and it was the only golf simulator listed).

Many PGA Show attendees were interested in the use of TwoVision in both a home and commercial setting. Adding this indoor golf simulator to your home would make for quite the entertainment setup, as would adding it to the bays in your golf simulator business.

The GDR+ Golf Simulator Is the Ultimate Training Tool

David Leadbetter Speaking with Attendees at 2023 PGA Show Golfzon Booth with Golf Club

Golf instructors and academies were interested in testing out the GDR+ golf simulator. With so much data at coaches’ fingertips to help students improve their game, plus the golf course software and other fun games to keep golf lessons engaging, the GDR+ is one of the best indoor golf simulators.

In fact, David Leadbetter, whose golf academies use Golfzon simulators, was on the scene demonstrating how he uses the GDR+ golf simulator in his academies. Leadbetter notes, “Our research shows that golfers lean the golf swing faster indoors than at an outdoor range or on a course. A purpose-built indoor golf training center like this [with the GDR+ software] will allow golfers to improve more quickly, and that’s what golf needs to continue to grow as a sport.”

The Wave Golf Launch Monitor in Action
If you attended the PGA Show last year, you saw the Wave golf launch monitor in a showcase on the floor; this year, you could hit golf balls with it.

Golfzon’s golf launch monitor is rolling out later this year, but this year’s attendees got a special sneak peek into its capabilities. With 34 different data points, a putting mat that makes the impossible possible and software with over 100 golf courses, the Wave is the ultimate portable training tool.

As far as the competition around golf launch monitors at the PGA Show this year, there was plenty – definitely more than last year. However, we’re honored to say the Wave stood out from the crowd.

Introducing the Wave Play
In the fourth corner, attendees could test Golfzon’s latest piece of golf technology: the Wave Play. An interactive game with impressive software, the Wave Play makes playing on the go possible, even against other people in different countries. We’re excited to share more about this product soon.

PGA Show Events at the Golfzon Booth

PGA Show Attendees Posing In Front of Golfzon Golf Simulator

If you weren’t keeping up with our social feeds (@Golfzon_America), we had plenty of events and giveaways at our PGA Show booth.

To win prizes ranging from the Golfzon Wave launch monitor to Yeti tumblers to leather bags, you could:

  • Enter a raffle where Golfzon drew two launch monitor winners during the happy hour
  • Spin a wheel for a distance and hit within 5 yards of it
  • Hit one teeshot and carry more than 290 yards for men and 240 yards for women

One of the most popular events was competing on our Arcade software, where Ben Mackey hosted a closest-to-the-bullseye contest with tiered prizes. We definitely had some excellent golfers in our midst as we had a few bullseyes that kept the competition interesting.

We also had our star staff players battle it out on golf courses you picked through social media, like one of Casa de Campo’s tracks and more. It was a fun way to show how crisp the graphics are, how the indoor golf simulator reacts to shots and how network play functions – our staff were playing in two different golf simulator bays, one of which had a left-handed golfer setup.

Speakers at the Golfzon Booth
There were also plenty of guest speakers and celebrities at the Golfzon booth throughout the week, plus some fun media interviews with the likes of Golf Digest and Forbes.

Golfzon America CEO Tommy Lim participated in a Fireside Chat panel with Ben Riches and Bruce Glasco to discuss the biggest disruptors in golf as well as how industry professionals can better strategize on and off the golf course with technology like Golfzon.

Minnesota Vikings player Adam Thilen stopped by, as did 2022 World Long Drive champion Martin Borgmeier and Pantyr, showing off their latest golf shoes. You might have also recognized famous influencers in the booth, like Fat Perez, Coach Rusty, Tara McGee and Miaya Tanaka.

One of the favorite parts of the PGA Show for all attendees, not just Golfzon staff, is the Golfzon happy hour. Everyone had a blast eating delicious hors d’oeuvres, ordering drinks from our bartender, playing on the golf simulators and launch monitors and watching players battle it out on St Andrews through network play.

How to Take Golfzon Golf Simulators Home With You

Golfer Swinging on Golfzon Golf Simulator at PGA Show, Spectators Recording TwoVision

Whether you tested out our indoor golf simulators at the PGA Show or are at home wondering how to convince your family or business partner to get one, we have a few good reasons why you should choose Golfzon.

1. We Have the Best Golf Simulator Technology
Really, we do. With over 250 patents and growing, Golfzon’s indoor golf simulators are the most technologically advanced in the world. No matter how you plan to use your golf simulator – at home, in a sports bar, at a golf academy, in a resort – you can’t beat the sharp graphics, detailed golf course mapping and even the auto-tee feature, a fan favorite.

If you’re looking to bring golf inside to play at your convenience, the TwoVision golf simulator is the most realistic one out there.

2. Add Revenue to Your Indoor Golf Simulator Business
If you’re looking at Golfzon through the lens of commercial golf simulators, you’ve come to the right place. Our technology powers golf simulator bars all over the world, and there’s a reason why business owners are choosing Golfzon.

Having the best commercial indoor golf simulator is the first part of the puzzle; Golfzon will support you along the way, ensuring your golf bays are large enough and the technology and software updates run smoothly. If you need our help, Golfzon will be there.

3. Our Golf Simulator Games Bring Families Together
You’ve seen the Arcade games and some of the best golf courses in the world at your fingertips when you tested out our golf simulators at the PGA Show. Making golf fun is the most successful way to bring people into the game, especially children.

If you’re ready to bring fun to your household, our home golf simulators will give you the perfect setup. If you have a Vision Premium golf simulator and want to upgrade to the TwoVision for the extra sharp graphics, we can help you do that, too.

These are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to bring a Golfzon golf simulator into your life, and we have plenty more in our testimonials and Q&As with golf simulator business owners. If you want some inspiration on the best golf simulator bar setup, check out Golfzon Social, the most social way to play golf.

We hope our 2023 PGA Show recap has allowed you to relive your fun experience with us in Orlando or has helped you recover from some F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) – we’re always here to help you create the most unreal experience in golf.