How to Upgrade Your Golfzon Indoor Golf Simulator

Experience Unreal with the brand new Golfzon TwoVision Simulator: the most fully loaded simulator on the market. Hardware: 24-direction moving swing plate, 5 distinct hitting surfaces, auto-tee, auto-ball return, new ceiling-mounted camera, touch-screen kiosk, LED putting guide Software: Virtual caddy, 130% better graphics, 200+ courses , network play mode, divot sensing tool, and swing replay.

If you’ve been enjoying the thrill of having an indoor golf simulator in your home or business with Golfzon’s Vision Premium, you now have an opportunity to bring the experience to a whole different level. Anyone who has played on the Vision Premium knows how exciting it is to play on a virtual golf simulator, but in the years since its release, Golfzon has raised the stakes and created the best golf simulator experience on the market with the release of the TwoVision.

Now anyone who currently owns a Vision Premium has the opportunity to upgrade their software and hardware to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology of the TwoVision golf simulator. This offer allows owners of a home golf simulator or commercial business to buy the latest technology without replacing the entire system.

The TwoVision simulator reinvented and vastly improved many of the features originally offered by the Vision Premium. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might want to consider upgrading your home golf simulator setup or the systems in your golf simulator bar, the main differences between the Vision Premium and the Two Vision, and whether an upgrade is right for you.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Indoor Golf Simulator

Upgrade Your Simulator Promo

Golfzon is widely considered top of its class, with the most realistic indoor golf simulators on the market. With several golf simulator packages available, anyone looking to purchase a simulator for their home or golf simulator bar should consider the experience they would like to have.

While all of Golfzon’s golf simulator packages have been carefully designed and engineered, there’s no denying that the TwoVision stands heads and shoulders above the rest. This means that anyone looking to have the best playing experience possible should consider going with the TwoVision.

This upgrade opportunity is ideal for anyone who currently owns a Vision Premium and wants to make sure they have the best technology available on the market. If it isn’t an option to purchase an entirely new golf simulator, upgrading the core parts of your indoor golf simulator to get the TwoVision experience is a great middle ground opportunity.

Business Owners: The Best Golf Simulator for Your Business
If you’re the owner of a commercial golf simulator business, whether that’s a sports bar or virtual golf business, you want to offer the best possible experience to your customers. Upgrading your current simulators with the TwoVision will vastly improve the playing experience your customers have and will add value to your overall business.

By offering golf simulators with a greater value, you’re investing in your business and catering to customers. Plus, you may see a bigger return on investment if your business is associated with the top quality virtual golf simulators available.

As an added benefit, with the TwoVision’s network play abilities, your customers are able to compete in virtual golf tournaments with players around the world. These tournaments could bring in more patrons and even give you a chance to win prizes from Golfzon for hosting the best event or having the best social media presence.

In-home Players: Upgrade Your Home Golf Simulator Setup
Golfers who are currently the proud owners of Vision Premium in their homes may be wondering why they should consider upgrading. Whether you play in your golf man cave or your garage, you deserve to have the highest quality model at your disposal to play on day or night.

One of the best parts of having a home golf simulator is the fact that you can practice your golf and play on beautiful virtual golf courses all from the comfort of your own home, without getting in the car or booking a plane ticket. With the upgrade, you’re getting new hardware and software that come with the TwoVision, including even more virtual courses all over the world.

And if you currently enjoy hosting friends for a round of virtual golf, you’ll really like the network play option that the TwoVision allows for. Compete against other friends who have TwoVision simulators in their home or join in one of Golfzon’s many virtual golf tournaments to win prizes and have fun with your friends.

Vision Premium vs. TwoVision Golf Simulator Packages

The golf simulator upgrade program is only available to those who currently have a Vision Premium and excludes other Golfzon models. The Vision Premium has some of the same features as the TwoVision, but the TwoVision offers a much more extensive playing experience, faster response time and feedback as well as sharper graphics.

As a side-by-side comparison, the Vision Premium doesn’t have a few significant features that the TwoVision has. For example, the Vision Premium has one T1 sensor to monitor and capture your strokes from several angles as you play as opposed to the two ceiling mounted T4 sensors with TwoVision. When it comes to graphics, the TwoVision has 130% sharper visuals thanks to the dual high speed cameras, truly making the virtual golf experience on the TwoVision unreal.

Secondly, the multi-surface hitting mat has three surfaces compared to the TwoVision’s five surfaces, and there are more virtual golf courses to play when you upgrade.

Those who participate in the upgrade program get almost every piece of hardware and software that makes up a TwoVision indoor golf simulator. These features include:

  • Two T4 Sensors – Mounted on the ceiling, these highly-accurate sensors combine to bring you the most accurate ball and club tracking technology Golfzon offers. Each of these high-speed cameras captures 400 frames per second at the moment of impact, so you get highly accurate and instantaneous feedback.
  • Touchscreen Kiosk With T4 Sensor Built In – The touch screen kiosk that comes with the TwoVision has several bells and whistles that are missing with the current Vision Premium. Play with a virtual caddie and get even more ball and club data on the driving range through the built in T4 sensor. No keyboard or mouse is required to operate this kiosk.
  • Left-handed T4 Sensor – If you’re left-handed, often play with someone who is left-handed or own a golf simulator bar that needs to cater to all players, upgrading and getting a T4 sensor for left-handed players is a worthwhile option.
  • Multi-surface Hitting Mats – Part of what makes the TwoVision the most realistic home golf simulator experience is the range of surfaces on the hitting mat, which has five surfaces compared to the Vision Premium’s three surfaces. Upgrade your multi-surface hitting mat and hit the ball from the following surfaces: fairway, first cut rough, second cut rough, greenside bunker and fairway bunker.
  • TwoVision Software – The hardware isn’t the only thing that’s different between these two virtual golf simulator models. The TwoVision also offers six different game modes, network play for virtual golf tournaments and over 200+ virtual golf courses from all over the globe.

The two main differences between opting for the TwoVision upgrade program versus simply purchasing a brand new TwoVision is the discounted price and the exclusion of the 24-angle moving swing plate in the upgrade. If you’re interested in upgrading your home golf simulator setup or golf simulator bar and want the 24-angle swing plate included versus keeping your 8-angle swing plate, there is an option to add it on for an additional cost.

Upgrade to Get the Best Golf Simulator Experience

The virtual golf simulator experience you get with TwoVision is simply unparalleled. The advanced optics and response times due to the number of highly sensitive and responsive sensors make it the best golf simulator available.

Any commercial golf simulator business that wants to set itself apart and offer the highest quality playing experience for its guests is in an excellent position to consider Golfzon’s upgrade program. Likewise, anyone with a home golf simulator setup who wants the best technology on the market can use this opportunity to improve their virtual golf simulator with this program.

To see the TwoVision difference for yourself, consider visiting a Golfzon location or simply get in touch with us to learn more about this opportunity and experience unreal.