Golfzon’s New Indoor Golf Simulator Arrives at the PGA Show

Golfzon Twovision made its official debut at the 2022 PGA Show! We chatted with Bailey Chamblee of the Golf Channel and put her to the test on our most exciting simulator to date.

There was plenty of buzz around the unveiling of Golfzon’s newest indoor golf simulator at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando before the event began. It was clear that TwoVision is the most advanced simulator on the market once attendees and members of the media took a few swings and saw it in person.

Spanning one of the largest booths in the exhibition hall, visitors were able to see firsthand what makes the TwoVision stand out and even play a few holes to truly experience unreal. Additionally, crowds of golfers were treated to a happy hour event, giveaways, and lesson opportunities through a partnership with the world-renowned Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Experiencing the Best Golf Simulator at the PGA Show

2022 PGA Show Crowd By Golfzon Booth

Golfzon’s footprint at the PGA show was the largest to date, with thousands of golfers taking swings and learning more about the vast range of Golfzon products. It didn’t take long for attendees who played on TwoVision to declare it the best golf simulator.

“If there were an award for the best exhibitor booth at the PGA Merchandise Show, it would have to go to Golfzon,” shares Rob Spellman, a golf aficionado at the show. “They took tons of room and set up a bevy of simulators. Now the Golfzon simulator is among the best I have ever seen.”

One of the main features that sets the TwoVision apart is the graphics, which are 130% crisper than previous models, giving those who were playing at the Show an unbelievable experience that truly captures the 200+ championship golf courses available to play on the simulator. Not to mention the auto-tee feature, which has always been a fan favorite.

“There’s a bit of an addiction to the fact that it automatically re-tees your golf ball, almost like when Twitter or Instagram automatically refreshes your feed when you log back on, and I’m way in on their products,” remarked Kyle Porter of CBS Sports.

Next, the all-new, advanced swing plate was a feature you needed to see to believe. While Twovision’s predecessor, Vision Premium, moves in eight different directions, the new swing plate moves in 24 directions to realistically mimic the slope and terrain of the golf course you’re playing.

Not only does the swing plate effectively recreate the on-course golf experience, but five distinct surfaces emulate hitting from different spots on the course, from fairway, to rough, to fairway and greenside bunker.

Take it from Bailey Chamblee with the Golf Channel, who spoke with James McDonald, National Director of Sales for Golfzon, about the TwoVision. While playing a hole on the Evian Resort Golf Club in France, Bailey saw for herself how the moving swing plate and multiple surfaces effectively recreate the on-course experience when she played a bunker shot with her ball in the greenside bunker mat, simulating the way a golf ball sinks down into sand. “ [This is the] Crème de la crème of golf simulators,” Bailey declared, after trying the golf simulator.

Golfzon Wave 2022 PGA Show Booths

The Golfzon booth also provided a teaser of a highly anticipated golf launch monitor, the Golfzon Wave, expected to be released later in 2022. The differentiating feature is its versatility, and putting capability, which includes two rows of infrared camera sensors that allows golfers to putt everything out.

The Best Golf Simulator for Commercial Facilities

The attendees of the PGA Show who had the chance to try out the TwoVision could soon see the best indoor golf simulators popping up at their favorite sports bars soon. Many of TwoVision’s features make it the best golf simulator for a commercial facility, and anyone looking into opening a golf simulator business should give the TwoVision a look.

In discussing the possibilities of the TwoVision, James McDonald told Bailey Chamblee that the indoor golf simulator is ideal for both commercial and residential use. “This is the beast of golf simulation right here. Who’s buying them? Everybody. We are in private residences, we are in bars and restaurants and pro shops. We’re really everywhere.”

Attendees of the happy hour in the booth were able to see what makes Golfzon simulators especially fun to play. When two (or more) golf simulators are set up, players can play against each other with network play mode. Players during the happy hour network play challenge could see their ball flight on their opponent’s screen, mimicking the experience they’d have on the course outside.

Even commercial indoor golf simulators that aren’t placed in the same vicinity have the option for players to join tournaments and play in leagues with other players using a Golfzon simulator across the world.

Another type of indoor golf business reaping the rewards of the TwoVision’s cutting edge technology are pro shops and academies like the Leadbetter Golf Academy. Representatives of the Leadbetter Golf Academy were on the ground at the Golfzon booth giving away lessons as a promotion since the organization uses Golfzon simulators at their academies.

Products like the Golfzon GDR are especially ideal for academies because they provide more in depth data and analytics than compared to TwoVision. Geared towards teaching rather than entertainment, the driving range software and statistics are much more in depth and promote greater understanding and learning in users.

But Golfzon products aren’t only great for patrons of these businesses. Commercial indoor golf simulators are a great way for these businesses to attract customers, especially with a product like the TwoVision which allows players to play in leagues and tournaments. Starting a weekly league at your business will keep bringing in customers who love golf and are continuously impressed by the quality of the simulator.

The Future of Indoor Golf Simulators

Golfzon TwoVision Debut 2022 PGA Show

The experience at the PGA Show and the grand unveiling of the TwoVision show a bright future for Golfzon golf simulators in the U.S. While the U.S. is still catching up to the popularity of off-course golf in other parts of the world like South Korea, soon there may be just as many opportunities to play in golf simulator businesses.

In fact, the off-course sector of the sport is growing, as seen in the National Golf Foundation’s latest report which shows that 12.4 million golfers in 2021 played off-course. It’s also the off-course numbers that show the greatest amount of diversity, with younger players, women and non-white golfers playing non-green grass courses.

With this part of the golf world growing, now is the perfect time to introduce more commercial golf simulators into the U.S. and take advantage of the growing interest in the sport off the traditional golf course. And with the Golfzon’s popularity at this year’s PGA Show, it’s clear there’s no better option out there for the future of the golf simulator business than the TwoVision.