Golfzon: A Golf Simulator to Be Thankful For

Luxury Home Residential Golf Simulator Buildout with Barstools and Counter

In the spirit of this season of gratitude, Golfzon is able to reflect on the appreciation those who use Golfzon golf simulators feel for the experiences they’re able to have with the best golf simulator on the market. From those with a home golf simulator to those who run businesses with commercial golf simulators, Golfzon’s technology is incomparable and enriches the screen golf experience of all who use it.

What are the top reasons those who know and love Golfzon golf simulators are appreciative? They run the gamut from advanced technology to convenience to game improvement and more. Here is what those thankful for Golfzon virtual golf simulators are saying.

1. A Golf Simulator That Replicates the On-course Experience

Golfzon’s indoor golf simulators aim to replicate the on-course experience through elements in both the software and hardware. This means the virtual golf courses are painstakingly created to look as realistic as possible, and the aspects of the virtual golf simulator that players stand on and play on are meant to mimic true golf course conditions.

Jeff McIntyre, the owner of a home golf simulator in Houston, TX, is a big fan of this aspect of Golfzon simulators. “Golfzon is comparable to the golf course. Hitting from the Golfzon multi-surface mat feels almost the same as hitting out of real sand, and the way the ball reacts is spot on.”

It’s the unreal experience and details that make Golfzon the best home golf simulator.

2. Golf Practice From Home

For players looking to improve their game outside of a full round of golf, it can be hard to find the time to travel to the golf course and wait on the perfect weather. Golfzon customers who have home golf simulators are thankful for the ability to practice on their own schedule in the comfort of their own home.

Take the word of PGA Tour winner Matthew Wolff: “The job Golfzon has done to replicate outdoor practice in the convenience of my own house is awesome. I now can work on my game no matter the weather or outside conditions with real-time feedback from their impressive engineering system. Even though I’m playing golf inside, Golfzon allows me to play my game and swing my swing with precision any time of the day.”

If professional golfers and PGA Tour winners depend on the convenience of a home golf simulator to perfect their game, imagine what regular screen golf could do for you.

3. A Commercial Golf Simulator Customers Love

Owners of golf simulator bars and businesses have long come to depend on Golfzon golf simulators to bring in customers who love the technology and fun playing experience. Many indoor golf simulator business owners tell us time and time again that there is no comparison between Golfzon and other simulators, and that their customers’ reactions to the simulators speak for themselves.

“My customers can’t get enough of Golfzon; from the auto-tee, moving swing plate, variety of courses, tournaments and everything in between – it’s the real deal,” shared Steve Harris, President of Golfplay, an indoor golf business in Kitchener, Canada.

Many of the features customers who play on commercial golf simulators love are those that replicate the on-course experience, like the moving swing plate and multi-surface mat, which allows players to hit from the kinds of surfaces they’d encounter on a golf course. Getting to play on a simulator that simulates hills, bunker shots and putting greens is as thrilling and challenging as playing outdoors.

4. Optimal Features for Golf Instruction

Another feature Golfzon golf simulators people can’t get enough of is how ideal they are for golf lessons, especially to golf instructors and golf simulator bars that offer lessons. One place that does this is Walt Reilly’s in Bend, Oregon, where Michael Lewis acts as the Director of Instruction. “I can get so much more done here in an hour than I ever could outdoors,” explains Lewis. “I can have one person play 18 holes in a one hour session.”

But it’s not just the efficiency of time that makes Golfzon the standout choice for golf instruction. It’s also the hardware that offers unparalleled convenience during the sessions. “The [auto-tee] mechanism is the coolest thing in that regard,” explains Lewis. “You don’t have to be chasing golf tees down, chasing for golf balls. There’s a new golf ball on the tee ready to go and you can get twice as many swings done in that period of time.”

In addition to these aspects, the instant feedback and insights on all shots can help players improve by learning about possible areas for correction. Instructors would otherwise need to bring gadgets to the golf course to gather data about a client’s performance. In Golfzon golf simulators, the data and insights are built in.

5. Unbelievably Realistic Virtual Golf Courses

There’s a reason why Golfzon virtual golf courses look so realistic. Golfzon has the sharpest graphics, and we expertly map real-life courses all over the world. Experience over 200 of the most desirable and challenging golf courses, including popular tour stops like St Andrews and the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

“I would definitely recommend Golfzon to other facilities because I think they’re the best,” advised Brad Gallagher, Owner and Creator of Cinderella Story in Brooklyn, NY. “It feels like you’re actually playing these courses. When you’re playing Pebble Beach, it feels like you’re there. It’s super special.”

Compare your performance on these golf courses to those of your favorite professional golfers and experience championship courses you may otherwise not have the opportunity to play.

6. Support and Assistance During the Golf Simulator Room Build

The process of building an indoor golf simulator room or bay, whether it’s a home golf simulator or a commercial golf simulator, may at first seem daunting, but Golfzon is here to make the build-out and installation as easy as possible. This is something that many homeowners and business owners are very thankful for.

“Golfzon makes it very simple, very easy to execute the build-out of the [simulators],” pointed out Ho Sung Shin, President of Hook & Fade in Madison, WI. “Having strong partners like Golfzon really helps to lower the risk of starting a business like this.”

To support customers in this endeavor, Golfzon provides best practices and guidance on how much space you need for your simulators and will be there every step of the way to get them installed as well as afterwards. “I think it’s the best platform on the market,” Shin expressed.

7. Fun Virtual Golf Tournaments and Events

While virtual golf simulators can be used for practicing, teaching and playing screen golf with friends, there’s another fun way to use them: virtual golf tournaments. Whether you’re part of an indoor golf simulator league or want to host screen golf tournaments at your golf simulator bar, competitions are a great way to have some fun and show off your skills.

Golfzon simulators make it easy to enjoy golf tournaments. Compete against other Golfzon players from across the country, set up your own red-robin tournament or take part in a Golfzon-organized tournament like the Golfzon North American Tournament (GNAT) for the chance to win prizes and bragging rights.

The ability to host events and virtual golf tournaments is a big part of why business owners choose Golfzon’s commercial golf simulators. “We’ve had everything from couples golf leagues on Tuesday nights, when my wife and I get a babysitter and have a date night out and listen to some live music in the background. We’ve also had golf tournaments on a Saturday morning during The Masters where we get 18 guys playing a three-on-three scramble. And we tried every single simulator – there was no competition for Golfzon,” quipped Tim Kerns, Co-Owner of Walt Reilly’s in Bend, Oregon.

Hosting a GNAT tournament at your golf simulator bar is a great way to bring people together. Plus, there are prizes that businesses can win, like best social media during the tournament, which can bolster your publicity. Taking part in these golf tournaments at home on your residential golf simulator is another fun way to get together with friends and family to enjoy some friendly competition.

There are so many reasons why owners of the best golf simulator are thankful for the advanced technology and playing experience offered by Golfzon. For an unreal indoor golf experience, there is truly nothing else like it.

Here at Golfzon, we’re thankful for our customers who turn to us for their love of indoor golf. We look forward to continuing to innovate and serve those who use our virtual golf simulators to improve their game and make memories with those they love.