The New Golfzon TwoVision Indoor Golf Simulator: Experience Unreal

Experience Unreal with the brand new Golfzon TwoVision Simulator: the most fully loaded simulator on the market.⁣

Hardware:⁣ ⁣ 24-direction moving swing plate, 5 distinct hitting surfaces, auto-tee, auto-ball return, new ceiling-mounted camera, touch-screen kiosk, LED putting guide⁣ ⁣

Software:⁣ ⁣ Virtual caddy, 130% better graphics, 200+ courses, network play mode, divot sensing tool, and swing replay.⁣

The latest breakthrough in golf simulator technology has arrived with TwoVision, an unreal indoor golf simulator experience. Just in time for the 2022 PGA Show, the best golf simulator comes complete with Golfzon’s newest advances in software and experiential technology. With 130% crisper graphics, even more playing surfaces and a more versatile swing plate- TwoVision provides golf fans with a more realistic simulator experience than ever before.

If you’ve been considering opening a golf simulator business or purchasing a commercial golf simulator, it’s time to get acquainted with Golfzon’s TwoVision, and the PGA Show is the perfect opportunity. We’ve also taken the time to break down all of the latest upgrades and features that put the TwoVision leagues ahead of other indoor golf simulators. You’ll also read how TwoVision can help your indoor golf simulator business thrive.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your sports bar, golf academy or golf club, learn about everything TwoVision has to offer and become one of the more than 40 locations across North America, and 7,300 commercial Golfzon sites worldwide.

The Technology Behind the Best Indoor Golf Simulator

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When it came to designing the Golfzon TwoVision indoor golf simulator experience, the attention to detail and focus on creating a hyper-realistic golfing experience was a top priority. You’ll find advancements in both the hardware and software that deliver a playing experience to rival other indoor golf simulators. To understand what sets the TwoVision golf simulator apart, we’re breaking down what makes this simulator special.

High-speed Sensors for Accurate Club Head and Ball Flight Data
Unlike other models, TwoVision uses two ultra high-speed cameras – rather than one – to collect data, giving the user the most accurate reading of their performance. With one camera located on the ceiling and one tee-side, the golf simulator gathers more advanced data in real time for club head movement and ball flight than previous models, which were already revolutionary.

24-way Directional Moving Swing Plate
The proprietary moving swing plate on the TwoVision golf simulator more than doubles the directional movement offered in previous models at a whopping new 24 directions. Emulate your would-be actual stance and the lie conditions on 200+ championship courses you can play on Golfzon simulators. From side-hill, downhill, above and below your feet, you’ve never experienced a more realistic playing experience when teeing up at an indoor golf simulator.

Incredible Performance Feedback Through Divot-Sensing Technology
In addition to feedback on your club head speed and ball flight, advanced sensors capture and deliver real time feedback on your divot. Correct your swing based on your divots just like you would on a real golf course with even more performance data right at your fingertips.

Convenient Auto-Tee and Ball Retrieval Systems
Golfzon golf indoor golf simulators employ a patented auto-tee and ball return technology that delivers on ease of play and ensures you can skip out on one of the most annoying parts of golf, simulated or not: chasing down your golf balls and teeing up again and again. Let TwoVision take care of that while you focus on perfecting your swing.

Experience Multiple Surfaces That Imitate a Real Golf Course
Play on realistic golf course conditions with five different multi-surface mats giving you the same feel and playing conditions you’d have outdoors. The TwoVision simulator offers players one fairway, two bunker and two rough surfaces that add to the realism across the golf course options available. Combined with the crisp graphics and moving swing plate, you’ll feel like you’re really playing at Pebble Beach.

Hone in Your Stroke with Putting Guides
The best golf simulator doesn’t just allow you to play golf in rain or shine, it also helps you get better at the game every time you play. That means identifying how you can improve your putting stroke. One of the most advanced technologies the TwoVision employs is the LED putting guides that help you read greens and get your ball on the right line.

Software for an Optimal User Experience
It’s not just the accessories and gadgets that come with your indoor golf simulator that have improved, but also the latest and greatest in technology to give you the best playing experience possible. The touchscreen kiosk delivers an easy-to-use interface and lets you stay in control. Take advantage of a virtual caddie that is there to give advice and tell you where the OB and hazard areas are so you can continuously play your best and learn as you go.

When you’re ready to put your skills to the test, check out the worldwide network for tournament and league play. That means you can play regular rounds or a tournament with friends or anyone around the country on the Golfzon network. In fact, the average number of amateur tournaments held each year is 356.

Experience the TwoVision Golf Simulator at the 2022 PGA Show

SJI Golfer Swinging Golf Club Playing on Golfzon Golf Simulator TwoVision

See the best indoor golf simulator for yourself when the TwoVision golf simulator is unveiled for the first time ever at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando, FL. Stop by booth 3127 to learn what makes this indoor golf simulator stand out from the crowd and see how it might fit into your indoor golf business.

Compare the TwoVision simulator to earlier Golfzon models and see for yourself how the advances in hardware and software make it the ultimate experience in a realistic, educational and fun way; you and your customers can enjoy your favorite game year-round, rain or shine. When it comes to commercial indoor golf simulators, the TwoVision offers more bang for your buck and delivers on a golf simulator experience you can’t come by just anywhere.

The Ultimate Golf Simulator for Business

Male Golfer Post Swing on TwoVision with Virtual Caddie on Screen

Adding a top-of-the-line golf simulator to your business can be a huge draw to customers and make your business a destination for golf lovers and beginners alike. Since simulators give golfers the opportunity to dial in their swings and get back on the course in the off season or on days with bad weather, they’re a year-round asset to attract customers.

For sports bars and lounges, the TwoVision simulator offers players an unreal experience where they can play virtually on world-class courses they might otherwise not be able to visit, all from the comfort of their favorite sports bar. Perfect for groups, carving out a spot in your bar for a simulator gives patrons an unbelievably high-tech and realistic golf experience, and caters to several people, whether they’re playing or spectating.

A TwoVision golf simulator is also a worthy investment for academies and golf clubs. One of the best reasons to get an indoor golf simulator for a business is the fact that you can use it anytime, unlike a real golf course. Whether you’re a pro shop that wants a simulator for club fittings or a golf academy that needs realistic training situations with the most advanced feedback, a golf simulator can be used anytime.

The TwoVision is the best indoor golf simulator in both of these commercial settings with the attention to detail, hyper-realistic experience and user-friendly interface. There’s no better option to prepare users for the real deal, which is why more than 200 golf clubs and resorts have chosen Golfzon indoor golf simulators for their patrons.

How the TwoVision Compares to Previous Generations of Golfzon Golf Simulators


The TwoVision simulator builds upon the cutting-edge technology already employed by the Vision Premium and Vision Standard to redefine what’s possible for indoor golf simulators. While the Vision Premium and Vision Standard have many of the same features as the TwoVision, like auto-tee and ball retrieval systems, hitting mats and moving swing plates, the TwoVision takes these patented technologies above and beyond.

The previous versions had either a ceiling mounted camera or a floor mounted camera, but the TwoVision has both, giving even more accurate readings. The previous generations also offer 8-way moving swing plates, while the TwoVision offers an unbelievable 24. The TwoVision also improves on graphics, offering razor sharp, realistic graphics that are 130% crisper than the others.

Experience the unreal for yourself at the 2022 PGA Show at booth 3127, where the TwoVision golf simulator will be revealed for the first time. Discover how adding a commercial indoor golf simulator to your business plan is a smart and savvy way to add value and keep your customers coming back for more. Once you try TwoVision for yourself, you’ll see what the future of indoor golf simulators looks like.