Top 8 Indoor Golf Simulator FAQs

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Virtual golf simulators are a fun way to experience the game of golf anytime of year, in any weather. Play with friends and family, work with a golf coach to improve your game or even devote time to practicing on your own to nail your shots.

Indoor golf simulators are now becoming more popular than ever with golf simulator businesses and bars popping up and people installing simulators in their own homes.

If you’ve never played on a golf simulator before, if you’re considering purchasing a home golf simulator or opening a commercial golf simulator business, you’re in luck. Golfzon is going to share the answers to how simulators work, the golf simulator cost and the benefits of playing virtual golf.

Golf simulators are a big purchase that should be carefully considered. Golfzon is committed to ensuring that you feel more than confident in your selection, which is why we’re there for you every step of the way to make sure you love the way your indoor golf simulator functions in your home or business.

We’ve put together the most useful questions to consider when buying a golf simulator and how Golfzon makes the investment more than worth your while.

1. How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

Indoor golf simulators are meant to faithfully replicate the on-course golf experience as closely as possible. But they also deliver features you can’t get on an outdoor course, like automatic stats on your game and the ability to watch your shots’ data instantaneously. For these reasons, you want to know that you’re getting an accurate read on your distance and power.

Not only is the playing experience incredibly realistic and an “accurate” golfing experience, but the distances you hit on a Golfzon virtual golf simulator are also incredibly accurate to the distances you’d hit if you were playing on an outdoor course.

Golfzon’s best-in-class technology means that the sensors, from the tee level to the ceiling, carefully capture and utilize data to reflect the power, movement and effort of your stroke to give you an accurate distance on the simulator. You can even adjust the wind on the golf simulator to experiment with and nail down those distances before you step on the tee at your home course the next week.

2. How Do Golf Simulators Work?

Virtual golf simulators use a combination of hardware and software to faithfully replicate the on-course golf experience.

Golfzon golf simulators come with a screen with incredibly sharp graphics and highly realistic depictions of over 200 of the best golf courses in the world. The TwoVision Plus, in particular, has 130% crisper graphics for an optimal viewing experience. The software also gives you play-by-play feedback on your shots, with a virtual caddie to give you pointers.

The hardware includes a moving swing plate and multi-surface hitting mat to give you the experience of playing on the course, whether you’re on a slope – which the swing plate imitates – or performing a bunker shot from the hitting mat’s sand option.

When you play on an indoor golf simulator, you hit the ball into a screen. The sensors then use this information to determine an accurate distance for your golf ball and reflect your shot on the screen. The TwoVision’s dual high speed sensors, for example, are located on the floor and ceiling, offering the most accurate swing data possible.

Combined with the auto-tee system which allows you to get set up for your next shot without even touching the golf ball, a Golfzon indoor golf simulator gives you an unreal playing experience.

3. How Much Is a Golf Simulator?

The golf simulator cost is largely dependent on the model you select, as each model has slightly different technology. For the best indoor golf simulator, like the TwoVision, you’re going to see a significant difference from the most standard model, for example.

One thing that Golfzon offers though is an upgrade opportunity if you already have the Vision Premium. In this instance, you can receive some of the most impactful technology advances from the TwoVision without completely replacing your golf simulator, saving yourself some money and effort. This includes both a software and hardware upgrade so you have the best indoor golf simulator experience possible.

The cost to build out a virtual golf simulator depends on several factors. One is local market conditions and another is the material and labor costs. Our team is ready to work with you and even your contractor to determine the scope of the project so you get accurate estimates for the build for the space.

4. How Do You Build a Golf Simulator?

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Residential Home Buildout by BRAVAS Colorado

When it comes to the buildout process of your home golf simulator or commercial golf simulator, Golfzon is here to help with installation and work with your general contractor to ensure a seamless experience. Our team will provide you with detailed construction plans your contractor can use, and our internal Project Manager can help ensure the space is built out so our installation team can get your system up and running in no time.

Our team of engineers that perform installations are highly trained and arrive onsite to install and calibrate the system. You can feel confident that Golfzon wants to ensure your best possible experience with our warranty that’s immediately activated the same day your system is in operation.

5. How High Should the Ceiling Be for a Golf Simulator?

When considering purchasing a golf simulator for your home or business, you need to make sure you have enough space, particularly when it comes to ceiling height. The indoor golf simulator comes with a swing plate and auto-tee rests on a platform, which will bring you above ground level. We want to ensure your experience is safe & there will be no damage to the room when swinging a driver.

The minimum ceiling height for a Golfzon golf simulator is 10.8 feet as the platform is 7.25”. However, if you cannot adjust the ceiling height in your space, you can always have a static floor without an auto-tee, in other words a flat mat.

6. How Much Room Do You Need for a Golf Simulator?

TwoVision Space Requirements Graphic

In addition to the 11-foot ceilings Golfzon recommends, the simulator booth is recommended to be 15 feet wide with 25 feet of depth. Golfzon defines depth as the distance from the wall behind the screen to the “safety zone” behind where a player is swinging a golf club.

Many customers who buy home golf simulators put them in a part of the house that has a lot of space with tall ceilings. The golf simulator room is typically a basement, garage or shed or even a guest bedroom to ensure there’s plenty of space for the system itself, plus space to keep your clubs, put a couch or have a nearby bar for entertaining.

It’s very popular to put them in a golf man cave or she shed with enough room to play on the golf simulator and host friends.

When it comes to determining the right size for your commercial golf simulator business, you must consider how many simulators you want to have, proximity to other amenities like a bar or seating area and how many people you can comfortably fit in the space with simulators there.

7. How Do You Putt on a Golf Simulator?

On Golfzon simulators, you’ll find something extremely rare: the ability to putt – with accuracy. No longer do you have to accept an automatic two-putt every time you hit a green. Now, you can use Golfzon’ multi-surface and go for birdie every time.

Golfzon is widely regarded as the best golf simulator for putting. The golf simulator features Putting Practice Mode, which allows you to practice putts outside of a full game. The multi-surface hitting mat and swing plate give you a realistic experience of putting on an outdoor golf course with none of the outdoor conditions that could get in the way of sinking your shot.

8. Are Golf Simulators Worth It?

Those who have purchased a virtual golf simulator for their home are typically very happy with the experience they have, and business owners are also astounded by the technology and high quality of the simulators and how much their customers love playing on them.

Everyone will have their own definition of whether something is worth the money, but if you’re a golf enthusiast who is eager to have the best technology on the market, then there’s no question that the best indoor golf simulator available is the right choice for you.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the game of golf indoors, year round, no matter the time or the weather, then a virtual golf simulator would be right up your alley. There are many important considerations, like where you would put it, which golf simulator is right for you and whether you have the right amount of space for it. Luckily, Golfzon can help answer these questions and ensure you’re making the right decisions for you, your family and friends, and your space.

If you have any questions about Golfzon golf simulators, our team of experts is always here to help you get the golf simulator you envision.