Host These 5 Types of Parties at Your Golf Simulator Bar

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It’s always a good idea to visit a golf simulator business and play with friends and family on an indoor golf simulator, but if you’re looking to give your customers a reason to come and play, then keep reading. Special occasions can make visiting your indoor golf simulator business all the more fun, and reminding patrons that a golf simulator bar is the perfect place for an event will bring in new and repeat business.

Opening a golf simulator business requires a lot of effort, but once you’ve hit your groove and have regular customers, offering events is the icing on the cake to enhance your customers’ experiences and give them a chance to bring in new customers that may come back on their own. With Golfzon’s world-class technology, your customers will love playing on the best golf simulators available.

Making your golf simulator business the go-to spot for events and parties is a win-win. Your current customers can have fun in a great place to spend quality time with people. You also have new customers and large parties playing on your commercial golf simulators and ordering food and drinks.

When it comes to advertising that your golf simulator bar is the perfect place for parties and events, here are some of the best special occasions to plug. This list will get people thinking about upcoming events in their lives and hopefully bring people in to celebrate.

1. Indoor Golf Simulator Birthday Parties

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The first event that comes to mind that’s perfect for an indoor golf business is birthdays. Especially when birthdays for golf lovers fall in the winter months, throwing a party at an indoor golf business is an ideal way to celebrate doing the thing they love.

Birthday parties at an indoor golf simulator business can be fun for all ages. Whether it’s a group of elementary school kids or adults, playing a round of golf or some of the other fun games on a Golfzon indoor golf simulator is a great way to have fun with the birthday boy or girl.

2. Retirement Party at an Indoor Golf Business

Many people look forward to golfing in their retirement years, which makes a golf simulator bar the perfect spot to celebrate the retiree and kick his or her retirement off right. Whether it’s a family get together or coworkers wishing them farewell, a retirement party at an indoor golf business is a fun and creative venue – and much more interesting than the break room.

3. Golf Simulator Bar Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

More and more groups celebrating bachelor and bachelorette parties are looking for new and creative ways to celebrate. Especially groups traveling to a new city for a full weekend of fun, a golf simulator business is a great place to go during the day, order some great food and drinks and hang out as a group while doing an activity.

Whether these groups are playing their own mini tournament or kicking back and playing a few rounds of virtual golf, your golf simulator bar may be just the venue they’re looking for.

4. Corporate Team Building or Coworker Happy Hour

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There are many companies who offer team building events or social outings like happy hours as perks for their employees. Partnering with these companies and hosting corporate events or happy hours is a great way to bring new people into your business.

Offering group discounts or special happy hour deals will guarantee these patrons will have a great time as they get to know coworkers in a new light and have some fun playing a few rounds of golf on your commercial golf simulators.

5. Holiday Parties at Your Indoor Golf Simulator Business

Your golf simulator business can serve as a great venue for hosting large events. Whether it’s official holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving, or unofficial golf holidays like the weekend of the Masters, hosting these events gives people a fun way to celebrate. This could mean you offer discounts to customers who come in wearing a costume during Halloween or offering couples golf events for Valentine’s Day.

An indoor golf simulator business is also a great place for your customers to host their own holiday events, from an office Christmas party to a Thanksgiving alternative with friends and family.

Promoting These Best Golf Simulator Bar Party Ideas

With all of these great ideas, how should you spread the word? If your golf simulator business is hosting an event, put up flyers around your business to let customers know of upcoming events. Also post on social media and your website with all of the event information.

If you want to promote your indoor golf simulator business as a venue for events, make sure you have a section of your website devoted to events detailing the types of events (hint, use this list!), perks you offer, like private spaces or group discounts, and contact information for how they can get in touch.

You can also post on social media letting your followers know you love hosting events, including talking up the benefits. Do you offer large group discounts? Do you have private spaces that can be reserved? Think about what you can offer and make sure your customers know about it.

Golfzon is the best golf simulator for business, and with these events and parties, your customers will have a ton of fun. Special events really bring people in, help them create lasting memories and make them want to return to your golf simulator bar again and again.