Golfzon’s Technology Powers Virtual Golf Tournament

2021 Golfzon North American Tournament Sponsored by Volvik Virtual Hole 1

What if there was a way to play in a virtual golf tournament in a premium indoor golf simulator on the same course as a PGA TOUR event? The recently announced the 2021 Golfzon North American Tournament sponsored by Volvik will run from March 20th through April 25th on PGA National Resort’s Champion course. The virtual golf tournament will feature a prize pool worth $12,000 with more than 25 prizes up for grabs.

What is the Golfzon North American Tournament?

Competitors will test their skills on PGA National Resort’s Champion course — the longtime home of the PGA TOUR’s Honda Classic — on a Golfzon simulator. If virtual golf tournament players want to have a chance at winning some great prizes, they will have to successfully navigate the famously difficult back nine three-hole stretch nicknamed The Bear Trap.

To make this virtual golf tournament happen, Golfzon has teamed up with 36 commercial facilities across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The total number of rounds is estimated to be on the order of 7,000 for the duration of the virtual golf tournament. Golfers may participate in the same tournament for an unlimited number of rounds. In other words, golfers can tee it up as many times as they’d like, with their only best virtual golf tournament score being taken.

One of the more unique aspects of the tournament is that golfers can play the PGA National Resort’s Champion course in parallel with the Honda Classic Tour event taking place at the same time. Players who compete in the tournament March 20th or 21st will be virtually taking on the PGA National Resort’s Champion in tandem with PGA professionals.

2021 Golfzon North American Tournament Golfer on Simulator Vision

What Prizes Can Golfers Win at the Golfzon North American Virtual Golf Tournament?

Players don’t need to do anything special to compete for a list of great prizes in the 2021 Golfzon North American Tournament. With automatic scoring updates, golfers just complete their round and Golfzon does the rest. With 27 individual prizes up for grabs amounting to $12,000 in value and a Grand Prize of $2,000 Gift Card & Custom Golfzon Blazer virtual golf, tournament players will be excited to go low or improve your game.

In addition to the prizes being awarded for first through 15th place – much like other golf outings – players will have the opportunity to step up to different tees and win various prizes for their shots. Competitions include: best score, closest to the pin, longest drive, and social media competitions.

Prizes up for grabs include: a $2,000 PGA Superstore Gift Card, Scotty Cameron Putters, TaylorMade Sim Driver, Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder, and dozens of Volvik Vivid golf balls. Individual prizes for golfers

Golfzon’s Unique Technology Allows for Interactive Virtual Golf Tournaments

The Golfzon North American Tournament will utilize the Golfzon Live Festival (GLF) gameplay mode. GLF mode is available on all Golfzon Premium indoor golf simulators.

GLF is an exclusive gameplay mode available through Golfzon Vision Software. Golfers can compete in on-going tournaments with real-time scoring updates. From software that updates automatically to being able to play other golfers on the other side of the world, Golfzon’s networked gameplay is unrivaled.

While players can organize and challenge fellow golfers, the ease at which commercial operators can host leagues or competitions is particularly appealing. Golfzon is unique in the sense that they are the only company on the market that allows users and facility owners to create their own tournaments.

Additionally, Golfzon’s simulator system features best-in-class software and hardware that makes playing virtual golf tournaments as close to the real thing as possible. For example, Golfzon indoor simulators are equipped with a moving swing plate. The Golfzon moving swing plate has turf that simulates fairway, rough, and even sand for realistic bunker shots. But the best part is how the moving swing plate can tilt 360 degrees to mimic real on-course slopes – which makes you feel like you’re on PGA National that much more.

When golfers are playing their virtual golf tournament rounds you’ll never have to bend over to tee up a shot thanks to Golfzon’s auto tee which brings a new ball up to you after every shot. Players unfamiliar with Golfzon will also notice the lack of golf simulator delay when hitting a shot. And thanks to Golfzon’s camera system golfers get to experience real-time ball flight upon impact.

Golfzon’s Indoor Golf Simulator Tournament Expertise is Second to None

Hosting virtual golf tournaments is nothing new for Golfzon.

Golfzon is the only virtual golf company in the world that hosts two professional virtual golf tours. Established in Korea in 2012, these televised tours are respected among KPGA and KLPGA professionals due in part to Golfzon’s simulator accuracy, with a total purse of 2.9 million.

Additionally, Golfzon hosts 150,000 amateur tournaments year-round. So when it comes time for hosting the largest virtual golf tournament in the Western Hemisphere, it’s safe to say it’s not Golfzon’s first go around.

Metrics and Stats for Golf Swing Displayed on Golfer Post Swing on Golfzon Golf Simulator Vision

How Golfers Can Enter The Golfzon North American Tournament

Any golfer looking to test their skills on a PGA TOUR course that is more lifelike than any other premium golf simulator can sign up and play at one of 36 commercial Golfzon facilities across North America. Additionally, residential Golfzon players are also welcome to join the fun or maybe even host a mini tournament for their family and friends.

See which facilities are participating and how to enter our virtual golf tournament.