10 Tips for Opening an Indoor Golf Simulator Business

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Indoor golf has really been taking off – from indoor mini golf to golf simulator bars – because it gives people a chance to play golf or putt year round with friends. If you’ve been considering opening a golf simulator business, now is the time, as the popularity in the sport booms and the demand is up.

In order to make your business a success, there are a few tried and true elements that really make a golf simulator business stand out and give customers the best experience possible. Whether you’re learning from other successful indoor golf simulator businesses or just want our top tips, Golfzon has you covered.

The first step, of course, is determining the best indoor golf simulator for your commercial business and then building the atmosphere and customer experience from there. Don’t worry, we have tips on choosing the best commercial indoor golf simulator as well.

With these tips and suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to opening a golf simulator business that will have plenty of repeat visitors, the best possible technology for the playing experience and a fun environment that people want to hang out in.

1. Food is a Must-Have for a Fun Golf Simulator Business

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We aren’t just talking about having a food menu, we’re talking about serving good, quality food that your customers really want to eat. Think bar favorites like wings, nachos, mini pizzas and chicken tenders – something that’s easy to pick up and eat in between turns playing a hole on the virtual golf simulator.

If you serve delicious food, then you’re giving customers a reason to stay longer after their 18 holes are done. You’re also making your golf simulator business a destination beyond just golf. Finally, food can be a real money maker. Taking the time to invest in quality snacks and bar bites will pay off when you’re making money off of food sales in addition to rounds of virtual golf.

2. Great Drinks that Put the Bar in Golf Simulator Bar

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A full service bar serving up fantastic cocktails as well as local brews is a key part of the golf simulator bar experience. Like with food, serving special or especially high quality drinks will definitely be noticed by patrons and can help you add to the overall experience and give your business an edge.

And then there’s the profit you can make by serving alcohol. This can turn your golf simulator bar from a fun daytime activity to an evening out for date nights, happy hours and nights out on the town.

3. Add an Arcade for Even More Fun

Giving your guests other entertainment options other than just golf can do a number of positive things for your business. For one, it gives non-golfers a reason to check out your business. Second, it gives anyone waiting for their time slot on a virtual golf simulator something fun to do. An arcade delivers some good, old fashioned fun and games to maximize entertainment.

4. Mini Golf Complements Your Indoor Golf Business

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As fantastic as the technology is on a virtual golf simulator, mini golf (or putt-putt) is still a favorite for golfers and non-golfers alike. By featuring a digital and analog option in your indoor golf business, you give all customers a year-round, indoor golf experience. Plus, there’s no reason your customers have to choose one or the other! Think about creating opportunities for patrons to play both.

With several different indoor golf options available, you can welcome even more customers and offer a diverse range of activities, making your indoor golf business one that has something for everyone.

5. Host Indoor Golf Leagues at Your Golf Simulator Bar

Get customers to come through your doors regularly by setting up indoor golf leagues they can join. From Ladies Nights to a couples league or a league for junior golfers, the opportunities are endless and you can guarantee a certain level of business several days a week.

Raise the stakes by offering prizes for tournaments or food and drink deals as incentives. Showing your appreciation for these competitive leagues playing at your indoor golf simulator business can go a long way in making customers for life.

6. Virtual Tournaments Heat Up the Competition

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Another way to get customers involved in virtual golf simulator competitions is by giving them the opportunity to enter Golfzon virtual tournaments, like the GNAT (Golfzon North American Tournaments).

Competitors from different countries can compete for top prizes, and all they need is access to Golfzon simulators. With the right commercial golf simulator, you can give your customers the chance to win big, and they will thank you for it and keep coming back.

These virtual tournaments are a great way to bring people in to compete and purchase food and drinks, whether they’re there to play or support friends.

7. Host Parties at Your Golf Simulator Business

Birthday parties, retirement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties – there’s no limit to the fun get-togethers that people will want to hold at your golf simulator bar. Make extra money through rental fees to rent out your whole golf simulator business or simply reap the benefits of getting large groups in to play virtual golf and mini golf and order tons of food and drink.

Making your indoor golf simulator business a party destination guarantees you’ll have lots of demand and fixes your business in people’s minds as a place to go to for celebrations. There’s a lot to be said for being the place where fun memories are made.

8. Make Your Golf Simulator Bar an Indoors and Outdoors Venue

Outdoor Venue Tables, Umbrellas, Chairs, People

If your space allows, giving customers the option to hang out by the virtual golf simulators inside or enjoy a beer and wings on the patio will give your golf simulator bar even more appeal. Nothing beats enjoying a gorgeous day on a rooftop or outdoor bar area, and having this extra space as an option will attract customers who want to enjoy that ambiance.

9. Give Lessons on Your Commercial Golf Simulator

Customers who want to use the off-season in the colder months to practice their game are looking for a place and a way to keep their golf game sharp. Virtual golf simulators are the perfect way to do that. And if you really want to help your customers improve their skills, having a golf coach on staff to offer golf lessons is a great way to solve a need for your customers and earn extra revenue.

Golfzon virtual golf simulators are especially ideal for indoor golf lessons. Technology like the ball retrieval and auto-tee system removes the busy work of setting up the shot so your golf coach can use the lesson time efficiently and help your patrons get the most of their sessions.

With instant feedback and performance analysis, Golfzon virtual golf simulators help golf coaches break down every aspect of a client’s game with precision they likely wouldn’t otherwise have outside.

10. Offer a Commercial Indoor Golf Simulator with Unreal Technology

Having all of the right elements to offer an amazing customer experience at your indoor golf business is key, but the absolute most important part is the commercial indoor golf simulator you purchase for your customers to play on.

When it comes to choosing the right golf simulator for business, there are several things you must consider: the playing experience, technology and features and how fun it is to play.

The best golf simulator to match all of these requirements? Well there’s no doubt that Golfzon’s virtual golf simulator models meet the mark, as evidenced by being named the best premium golf simulator by Golf Digest five years consecutively.

To start, Golfzon simulators truly offer an unreal playing experience. That is to say, Golfzon has the most realistic indoor golf experience on the market. With over 200 golf courses from around the world to play on, each precisely mapped to make you feel like you’re really there, your customers will marvel at the ability to play on Pebble Beach on a beautiful day, no matter the weather outside.

Next, the technology and features play a critical role in delivering a realistic golfing experience. Take the moving swing plate. With each hole, the swing plate moves to mimic the golf course, so if your next shot is on an uneven lie, the swing plate moves into that position.

Golfzon TwoVision Golf Simulator, Chairs, Table Behind

This way you feel like you’re really playing on the course and you have to adapt your game to these conditions. Similarly the multi-surface mat allows you to hit the ball from surfaces mimicking those on the golf course, like fairway, bunker and rough.

The unreal playing experience all ladders up to the most fun virtual golf simulator to play on. Having great food and drinks and other options for entertainment will surely have customers loving your business, but if you really want to bring them in, choosing Golfzon as your commercial golf simulator of choice is undoubtedly the best way to do that.

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