Top 9 Holiday Party Ideas for Golf Simulator Bars

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The holiday season is all about getting together with the people you love, and nothing brings people together like a fun night playing at an indoor golf simulator bar.

There are many ways to crank up the spirit and make your indoor golf business an inviting and festive place to be. Offering exclusive offers for patrons related to the season will attract customers and make the experience one to remember.

With office holiday parties, families looking for fun indoor activities and people headed back to their hometowns, your golf simulator business can be the perfect gathering place. With a little holiday spirit, you can attract frequent customers and new ones.

1. Themed Happy Hours

Golf isn’t the only reason people like to frequently visit golf simulator businesses – food and drink can also bring people in. In the last couple of years, holiday-themed pop-up bars have become popular with fun and festive decorations and themed cocktails with names that fit the season.

If you have creatives on your team, put your heads together and think of some ways to make your happy hours themed and festive. Put up some lights and decorations, have bartenders wear santa hats or light up necklaces and brainstorm some fun cocktail names.

Advertise these seasonal offerings on social media by teasing pictures of the drinks, your decor or outfits worn by staff to drum up some interest. If you know someone who is good at drawing, put together a chalkboard sign to stand outside your indoor golf business with a holiday pun inviting passersby to come in and play a round of virtual golf with a hot toddy in hand.

2. 12 Days of Golf

Another creative way to incorporate holiday programming into your golf simulator business revolves around the song “12 Days of Christmas.” Instead, put together a 12 Days of Golf promotion with different offers each day.

Let’s say the first day is a discount on playing time on your commercial golf simulators, the next is a promotion on golf lessons. You can offer promotions based on group sizes, for kids and teens, on food and drink, or certain prizes or giveaways each day.

Get creative and think about what your customers would enjoy most. Get the word out about the promotions ahead of time to bring people in on the days they want to take advantage of that promotion. For example, if a family knows that on the 4th Day of Golf kids are half off with two adults, then they’ll be sure to get their friends together to play that day.

3. Stocking Stuffer Prizes

Everyone loves prizes, but especially around the season of gift giving! Door prizes, raffles or prizes for golf tournaments are a fun way to celebrate the season and attract people to stop in and compete for the chance to win.

You could choose to do one big ticket prize, or lots of mini stocking stuffer-type prizes for people to win throughout the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Feeling generous? Advertise a percentage of raffle ticket sales as going to a charity or non-profit organization and do good this season.

4. Holiday-Themed League Nights

If you host indoor golf simulator leagues or have regular themed nights, like Couples’ Golf night or Ladies’ Golf night, make them holiday-themed to increase the fun. Encourage fun outfits, props and award prizes. This will make these regular gatherings even more fun than usual, and might bring new participants in to join in the festivities.

Set the mood with holiday music or hire a band to come in and play some live music. This is a great date night or holiday experience to get people to brave the cold for a night of virtual golf, food and drink and great entertainment.

5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Night

One of the biggest holiday trends of the last couple of years is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Get in on the fun by encouraging patrons to come dressed in holiday finery for an Ugly Holiday Sweater Night of virtual golf. Host a contest for the best (or worst) sweater with either prizes or a free round of virtual golf, and people will absolutely come in dressed to impress.

6. Run Run Rudolph Golf Tournament

For those looking for some friendly competition, put a holiday spin on a December virtual golf tournament by hosting a “run run Rudolph” tournament, in the vein of a round robin tournament.

Encourage sign ups with unbeatable prizes and the most exciting Golfzon virtual golf courses to play. This will definitely help people beat the winter blues and give them a chance to show off their skills while enjoying the unreal technology of the best golf simulators out there.

Perfect for families looking to get out of the house to do something together with friends or family visiting from out of town. This is an experience you can put on once or several times over the holiday season to give lots of people a chance to compete.

7. Gifting Golf Lessons or Rounds of Virtual Golf

Shopping for golf lovers usually involves new golf shirts and clubs, but let your customers know they can give golf lessons on your indoor golf simulators. If you have an instructor in-house that gives golf lessons, then this is a wonderful opportunity to advertise those lessons and encourage customers to give them to their loved ones.

If you don’t do golf lessons, you can still promote gift cards as the perfect present for golf lovers. A few rounds of golf at your indoor golf simulator business makes an ideal gift, so let your customers know that you offer gift cards around the time that they begin holiday shopping.

8. Private Holiday Parties

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Offices and businesses are always looking to up the ante when it comes to their holiday parties. If your golf simulator business offers space to host private events, advertise this ahead of the holiday party season and show why your golf simulator bar makes the ideal party location.

With decorations, discounts on group food and beverage and more, people will have the time of their lives playing virtual golf with co-workers to celebrate the end of the year.

9. Photo-Worthy Décor

People love taking fun pictures and posting them on social media, especially when your indoor golf business design and décor encourage photo taking. If you didn’t already know, setting up a cool photo opportunity where people want to get snapshots is a great way to promote your business. If you make a photo area decked out in fake snow and sleigh bells, people will want to take group photos when they play.

Ask patrons to tag your indoor golf business or sneak your business’ name into the setup through a sign (like a road sign with one arrow pointing to “Your Golf Simulator Bar Name” and the other pointing to the North Pole). Their friends on social media will see and want to check your business out for some holiday golf simulator fun.

When you have the best golf simulator for business, you’re already off to a great start to giving people the best holiday experience. But with other small touches, you can enhance the holiday spirit for everyone who steps foot in your golf simulator bar or business. Make the holidays bright and show your customers that you’re a fun business to support.

The happiest of holidays and best wishes for a bright New Year from all of us at Golfzon!