Balloon Blast Challenge

June 3 - June 30

Play at the Virtual New York Central Park Golf Club!
Surprise balloons will randomly appear on 3 holes! Try to hit the balloons with your tee shot for a chance to win an event prize of $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.
Balloon Blast Challenge - Comet Red Ball Flare Item
Complete an 18-hole round at NY Central Park Golf Club!

Just for participating, receive a Comet Red Ball Flare item.

What is Ball Flare?

This customizable product allows you to embellish the ball flare with a variety of dazzling visual effects. Personalize your own ball flare with ribbons, particles, animations, and more.
balloon blast challenge prize $1000 amazon gift card
Hit at least one of the 3 balloons that appear during a round.

All players who hit the balloon at least once will be entered into a drawing, and one lucky winner will be drawn to win a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.
How to Participate
How to Participate in Golfzon Tournament - Step 1
Step 1
Log into the Golfzon simulator
How to Participate in Golfzon Tournament - Step 2
Step 2
Select Stroke Mode
Step 3
Choose New York Central Park Golf Club
Balloon Blast Challenge Step 4 Choose Course Steps to Join the Tournament
Step 4
Hit the balloons that appear during the round
How to Participate in Golfzon Tournament - Step 4
Step 5
Finish a full 18-hole round

Terms & Conditions
You must log in and play to participate in the contest.
You must complete 18 holes of play to be eligible to win.
This event will be played in stroke mode only.
If your swing video cannot be verified, you will be disqualified.
Submitting a swing video that shows someone other than yourself playing at the event hole will lead to disqualification.
Store owners and Golfzon affiliates can participate in the event but are not eligible to win.
Winning will be recognized only if you participate with your own ID and will be nullified if you use someone else’s ID or participate by proxy.
All players who hit one of the 3 balloons at least once will be entered into a drawing, and one lucky winner will be drawn to win a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.
The winner will be announced within 2 weeks after the event concludes and will be contacted individually via the email registered on the Golfzon website.
All participants who complete an 18-hole play will get a ball flare item after the event is over.
(The item can be activated within 3 months after receiving and can be used for a month from the date of activation.)
If you participate in the event through illegal or fraudulent methods, your winnings will be nullified and you will be temporarily restricted from participating in future Golfzon events.
(1 month for the first offense; 3 months for the second offense; 1 year for the third offense)
If you do not receive a prize notification email because the email address on Golfzon is invalid, your prize will be nullified.
If you do not reply with information to claim your prize within two weeks of receiving the notification email, your prize will be nullified.
If a winner is unable to receive the prize due to his/her circumstances in their country or the local law, the prize will be nullified.
In certain jurisdictions, prizes may be subject to taxes. All federal, state, and local taxes, customs duties, and any other costs and expenses associated with the acceptance of prizes are solely the winners’ responsibility.