Play in Golfzon’s Pebble Beach Golf Tournament (Virtually!)

Golfzon Pebble Beach Hole 7

For an entire month, compete against golfers across North America in Golfzon’s Pebble Beach golf tournament – all from your favorite golf simulator bar or even your home.

There are plenty of reasons why competing on an indoor golf simulator may become your new favorite way to golf. But first, let’s take a look at some of the details so you can get signed up.

From November 4th to December 4th, 2022, join the Golfzon North American Tournament (GNAT) series and play Pebble Beach. GNAT is the largest virtual golf tournament in the Western Hemisphere as it includes players from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Sponsored by Payntr Golf, the Pebble Beach virtual golf tournament will present the opportunity to win some of their newly released shoes among other incredible prizes.

Why Compete on a Virtual Golf Simulator?

TwoVision Pebble Beach Hole 7 Putting

You shouldn’t have to take a break from golf just because we’re heading into the cooler months. Playing on an indoor golf simulator – whether for fun or in the GNAT – is beneficial for your game and allows you to receive instant feedback on your shots and play world-renowned golf courses, like Pebble Beach.

Golfzon maps each golf course with precise detail, so you’ll be playing the most realistic version of the virtual golf course when you play on our golf simulators. Our moving swing plate mimics the lies on any shot you’ll find on these golf courses, so you’ll truly be playing the golf course – just without the cold. You can, however, set the wind to blow at certain levels.

Playing screen golf is another way to connect with other fans of the game. You can expand your golf matches from your local foursome to an international crowd united through a love for golf. Whether you’re competing in weekly league matches or playing in a virtual golf tournament, you can test your skills against the best amateurs (and compare them to tour players) and keep tabs on the live scoreboard.

Plus, if you’re at a golf simulator bar, you can enjoy the competition a little bit more, with food and beverages by your side and the ability to keep your eye on some other games between shots. On the playing side, you’ll also notice pace of play isn’t an issue because you and your buddies are the only ones on the golf course; you can also save your body some aches and pains with Golfzon’s auto-tee and ball retrieving system.

How Do I Find an Indoor Golf Simulator?

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Playing in a Golfzon virtual golf tournament does require an indoor golf simulator. Check out our location finder to find the best golf simulator business near you, or see if your home golf simulator has network play. We call it Golfzon Live Festival (GLF), and it’s exclusively for Golfzon golf simulators.

Imagine having the ability to compete from your golf simulator at home. You can invite friends over to compete as well and completely deck out your golf man cave or golf simulator room with the best food, drinks and seats.

On the flip side, those who opened a golf simulator business can also host these virtual golf tournaments and see an influx of visitors ready to play the best golf courses in the world. GNAT creates a fun atmosphere where golfers and non-golfers alike can enjoy the game on the best golf simulator technology.

Pebble Beach Golf Tournament 2022 Details

2022 GNAT Pebble Beach Sponsored By Payntr Logo

Below are some quick facts about the Pebble Beach tournament. You can sign up with Golfzon and play whenever you want throughout the month and as many times as you’d like. The top players will receive some incredible prizes!

One of the best parts of Golfzon’s proprietary technology is that the putting on the golf simulator is not only possible, but extremely accurate. There’s no need to concede your putts or get an automatic two-putt based on your distance to the pin – this virtual golf tournament is completely yours to win or lose.

  • Golf Course: Pebble Beach
  • Date: November 4, 2022 – December 4, 2022
  • Time: Access the tournament 24/7
  • Location: On any Golfzon simulator with access to Golfzon Live Festival (GLF)
  • Prizes: $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs
  • Difficulty: Tour
  • Scoring: Individual stroke play
  • Concede Distance: None, 0 feet
  • Mulligans: None, 0 mulligans
  • Tee Settings: White Tees (Male); Red Tees (Female)

About Pebble Beach Golf Links

TwoVision Pebble Beach Hole 6

If you’re new to golf, Pebble Beach may ring a bell. It’s a beautiful golf course located in Pebble Beach, California, just two hours south of San Francisco. Sprawling along the Pacific coastline, Pebble Beach has been a bucket list golf course since 1919.

Golf Digest has voted Pebble Beach Golf Links as the #1 America’s Greatest Public Course for the last 13 years. Golf Digest also happened to award Golfzon with the Best Premium Golf Simulator for 5 consecutive years, so this virtual golf tournament is the perfect match of high-performing luxury.

If you’ve played Pebble Beach before, reminisce on our indoor golf simulator; if it’s still on your bucket list, get a quick taste of its challenges and breathtaking views. What better way to test your game on one of the most famous golf courses in the world?

About Paynter Golf Shoes

As sponsor of this GNAT virtual golf tournament, Payntr Golf will be providing their newly released golf shoes to 10 lucky winners. Just like Golfzon, Payntr golf shoes are rooted in technological advancements; with both brands, you’re getting the best of the best.