Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates

Safety on Services and Installation

We are very focused on keeping SAFETY as our top priority in all visits for services and installation. We place our customers and employees first in safety and healthy environment, and that is why we are carefully following CDC-recommended guidelines when we are visiting your site to help prevent spread of illness and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Here are some of the safe-guards we are taking before, during and after your site visit. We will text you one week before our visit, and once more at least 24 hours in advance.

In this text message, we will let you know that:

– we are following CDC Guidelines to keep everyone protected and safe;
– our employee(s) visiting your site is not ill;
– we will confirm with you that you, your family member(s) or your employee(s) are not ill with flu-like symptoms or in quarantine from possible COVID-19 exposure;
– we are confirming with you that are permitting us to proceed with our service or installation;
– If you are ill or quarantined, or do not wish to continue with the scheduled appointment, just reply “NO” so that we can reschedule your service or installation appointment at our next available time.

How we prepare to ensure safety before your site visit:

– We thoroughly perform self-health check before reporting to work.
– We perform a health check with a manager at the end of each day.
– We require our employee(s) to wear clean clothes and clean face coverings or new disposable mask for each workday.
– We require our vehicles to be supplied with disposable masks or face coverings, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and gel.
– We keep our laptops and mobile devices cleaned and disinfected.

During your site visit:

– Our employee(s) will put on all relevant protective gear before we enter your site.
– We will keep a 6-foot social distancing at all times, as best as we can.
– We will maintain our safety protocol as prescribed by CDC Guidelines, and we would ask you to do the same when sharing the same space or room during our service or installation.
– After our employee(s) has completed our service or installation, we will clean and disinfect all surfaces we’ll be touching and follow our guideline in cleaning your product in service or installation.
– We will properly dispose of all safety supplies and trash when we leave your site.

After your site visit:

– Our safety and health precaution will continue after we leave your site for our employee(s).
– We keep our employee(s) quarantined after your site service for at least 48 hours.
– Then, we will repeat our protocols in preparing and ensuring safety before any new site visits.