Treat You & Your Team to Indoor Golf Simulators in the New Year

Directly Behind Golfer Playing on Moving Swing Plate on Golfzon Golf Simulator TwoVision

It’s the holiday season, and there’s no better time to upgrade your game than right now. With models and modes tailored to every level of golfer, a Golfzon simulator is the gift that keeps you swinging through the slow season without bundling up to battle the cold. Where else can you play 190+ championship courses with shot analytics and swing data available within seconds?

With our flagship model, coined TwoVision, players enjoy a cutting-edge indoor golf simulator that brings realism and precision to indoor golf that other vendors cannot provide. The Wave Launch Monitor complements this experience with advanced swing analysis, providing detailed insights into your swing mechanics, ball flight, and club data — empowering players to refine their skills and elevate their performance on a virtual green.

Treating Yourself to Leisure and Improvement with Virtual Indoor Golf Simulators

Bringing the Course to You
Step into a world of everyday improvement with your very own Golfzon virtual golf simulator. Our simulators allow you to experience golf at your convenience without being bound by weather constraints or limited daylight. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous round or a structured practice session, the golf course is just a step away and ready to enjoy on your terms.

Understanding the Advantage of TwoVision
Designed to push the boundaries of traditional simulators, TwoVision offers an immersive experience that mirrors the feel of playing on actual championship courses. Featuring a moving swing plate to mimic lies of any difficulty, high-speed camera sensors, a touchscreen kiosk and an automatic ball retrieval system, TwoVision is the product of over 20 years of research, development and a love for the game.

Advanced graphics, lifelike environments and precise ball tracking technology create an authentic golfing experience from the comfort of your own space.

Tracking Performance With the Wave Launch Monitor
Take your game to new heights with the Wave Launch Monitor, the most precise and accurate swing performance tracking device on the market. This device goes beyond simple swing analysis, providing detailed insights into your swing mechanics, ball flight and even club data that could point you to your next best bag.

The Gift of Self-Improvement and Enjoyment with Indoor Golf

Male Golfer About to Swing on Golfzon Golf Simulator, Evian Golf Club Golf Bag Forefront

Boosting Skills Anytime, Anywhere
With your golf simulator, there’s no need for rain checks. The days of being forced to set aside whole afternoons to play golf are over. With your own golf simulator, you gain the flexibility to practice and refine your skills without the limitations of weather or time. A golf simulator brings courses to you, allowing players to indulge in their passion and enhance their game for just a few minutes or hours on end, regardless of the forecast.

Personalized Feedback and Data
Step into the future of golf training with a golf launch monitor, a companion that transcends traditional practice boundaries. Personalized feedback and in-depth data insights are no longer reserved for the pros.

Whether honing your swing, perfecting your club selection or refining shot strategy, a state-of-the-art launch monitor opens up a world of possibilities. Unleash your potential with instant, accurate feedback on every swing and make informed adjustments for noticeable improvements in your scores.

Reward Your Company with an In-Office Simulator

Straight-On View of Golfzon Simulator Residential Buildout

Turn your workplace into a place where productivity meets leisure. Introducing a golf simulator to your office space transforms the feeling of a workday for employees, offering a unique and valuable break from the routine. Give your coworkers an environment where they can recharge, refocus and take on their workload with a better mindset than ever.

Create a Positive Work Environment
In addition to mental health benefits, build stronger connections among your team members. As opposed to traditionally forced team-building exercises, golf provides a platform for fostering camaraderie, communication and collaboration they won’t be able to get enough of. As employees engage in friendly competitions, the bonds formed on a virtual green translate into more effective teamwork on the job.

Make the Office a Joy to Visit
Impress clients and partners by creating an exciting environment to visit through a blend of business and entertainment without the hassle of an off-site trip. The fusion of technology, leisure and sophisticated branding transforms your office into a unique space that exemplifies modern, forward-thinking values.

Showcase your commitment to innovation, employee well-being and client engagement to your business partners — and have fun doing it with an indoor golf simulator setup.

Golfzon Has You Covered With Exceptional Indoor Golf

As we enter the season of giving, consider the joy and excitement of housing 190+ world-class courses — plus all the data you need to perfect your swing.

These cutting-edge technologies are not just gifts but gateways to a world of leisure and self-improvement. The lasting benefits extend beyond the holiday season as a gift that keeps on giving as you refine your skills, enhance well-being and transform your surroundings into an indoor golfing heaven. Take the plunge into the realm of Golfzon, and let the holiday spirit of exploration and investment bring the magic of the season home.