Golfzon Wave: A Portable Launch Monitor for Every Golfer

Golfzon Wave Launch Monitor Putting Matt

Golf is a game of skill, precision and fun. But sometimes, finding the time, space or even perfect weather to play or practice on an actual course can be challenging. That’s why many golfers turn to launch monitors and simulators, which measure and display various aspects of your swing and ball flight and allow you to play virtual courses on a screen. With a launch monitor or simulator, you can play the game you love in the comfort of whatever environment you choose.

However, not all launch monitors and simulators are created equal. Some are too expensive, bulky, complicated or limited in features and functions. That’s why we’ve developed the Golfzon Wave, a personal golf launch monitor and simulator that combines the best of both worlds.

Golfzon is a Leader in Golf Simulators and Launch Monitors

You might know us for our golf simulators, but our golf launch monitor is just as robust and effective. Let’s dive into our solutions to give you a better understanding of how we’ve taken our simulator technology to the next level.

As you might know, our simulators are known for their realistic graphics, accurate data and diverse features. That’s because our simulator and launch monitor solutions use advanced sensors, cameras and software to track the movements of your golf club and ball, displaying them on high-definition screens that simulate actual courses from around the world. Our simulators also offer various modes, games and challenges to suit different levels and preferences of golfers.

Our fun and exciting commercial and personal golf simulators and launch monitors are used for entertainment, training and education purposes for businesses, corporate events and personal use.

We’ve partnered with professional golfers, coaches, academies and organizations to provide data-driven feedback and analysis to help golfers improve their skills and performance. We eat, sleep and breathe golf and want to help others do the same.

From Golf Simulator to Golf Launch Monitor

One of the most innovative features of Golfzon’s simulators is the TwoVision technology, a patented system that uses two cameras to capture the clubface and ball impact simultaneously. This allows the simulator to provide more accurate and detailed data than systems with only one camera or radar.

The TwoVision technology also enables the simulator to analyze the ball’s spin axis, crucial for determining the curvature and direction of the ball’s flight. The spin axis is affected by clubface angle, swing path, impact point and ball position. By measuring the spin axis, the simulator can show you how much your ball slices or hooks and how to correct it.

The TwoVision technology also allows the simulator to adjust the trajectory and landing of the ball according to the slope and elevation of the virtual course. This makes the simulation more realistic and challenging than other systems that use flat or fixed surfaces.

This technology makes Golfzon simulators extremely robust, intuitive and interactive. And it’s this technology that our team used as a springboard to create an equally powerful launch monitor.

TwoVision is not just a software and hardware system, but an innovative process solution that we’ve weaved into our latest product – The Wave.

The Wave is a combination of two devices: a multi-sensor radar and an infrared putting mat, which measures and analyzes every shot you take. This even includes your putts, which can be a sensitive shot to capture. The Wave uses software we’ve created for our simulators and the Wave Skills app to provide instant feedback, video capture and realistic simulation on over 140 virtual courses.

Let’s explore the Golfzon Wave.

What is the Golfzon Wave?

Golfer Back Swing on Golfzon Wave Simulator Indoors with Range on Projector

The Wave is a portable and affordable golf launch monitor and simulator that takes the same approach to improving your golf game as our TwoVision simulator, but makes it more practical and attainable. It’s a small device that can be easily transported thanks to its lightweight, easy to carry nature. It can be used indoors or outdoors, with or without a net or screen.

The Golfzon Wave connects to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, and comes with a handy app – the Wave Skills app – to display various data parameters and features. The app also allows you to record and replay your swing video with data overlay.

The Golfzon Wave measures 26 data parameters for each shot, including:

  • Club speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Launch angle
  • Launch direction
  • Spin rate
  • Spin axis
  • Height
  • Apex
  • Hang time
  • Landing angle
  • Landing direction
  • Shot shape
  • Offline distance
  • Offline direction
  • Dynamic loft
  • Dynamic lie
  • Attack angle
  • Face angle
  • Face-to-path
  • Swing path
  • Impact point (horizontal)
  • Impact point (vertical)
  • Club path

The Wave also gives you access to more than 140 world-famous courses you can play on. You can choose from courses such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Rope Club, Kiawah Island Ocean Course and many more.

The Golfzon Wave also comes with an infrared putting mat that allows you to play and analyze every shot from start to finish. The putting mat uses radar and infrared sensors to detect your putts’ speed, direction and break. It also tracks eight putting parameters, including:

  • Putt speed
  • Putt distance
  • Putt direction
  • Putt break
  • Face angle at impact
  • Face angle at address
  • Face rotation
  • Impact point

The Wave also offers various training modes and games that can help you improve your skills and have fun. You can practice specific aspects of your game, such as distance control, dispersion control, club gapping and more. With all of these capabilities, our Wave acts as a golf simulator for putting and more that’s new to the market and industry.

How Wave Incorporates TwoVision Innovations

The Wave goes above and beyond when it comes to putting, using an infrared putting mat that combines radar technology to analyze and identify full swings just as effectively as subtle putts – making it both a golf simulator and a launch monitor for putting purposes.

This software virtually transports you to over 140 golf courses around the world through mesmerizing high-definition 3D graphics. The simulator software offers an ever-growing course list as well as the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of situations. You also have the ability to play with six players at once and network with other Wave launch monitors anywhere in the world.

Vision software is integrated into Wave, enabling more people to enjoy immersive golf rounds at a lower cost. In addition, as the world’s first hybrid sensor, Wave combines the radar sensor with a separate infrared sensor-based putting mat to provide a seamless golfing experience.

Why Choose Golfzon Wave?

There are plenty of performance-boosting products on the golf market claiming to radically transform a player’s game. But with the Wave, this is something that’s actually achievable. Thanks to its impressive software technology, its innovative, first-of-its-kind putting mat and unique portability and versatility, you can be confident your game will improve.

The Golfzon Wave is a unique device that offers many benefits and advantages over other launch monitors and simulators. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the Wave:

  • It’s portable and versatile. You can use it anywhere, anytime and with any club.
  • It’s accurate and reliable. The Wave uses the same extremely accurate software technology as our commercial golf simulators, trusted by professionals and amateurs alike.
  • It’s affordable and durable. It costs much less than other launch monitors and simulators that offer similar features and functions. It is also made of high-quality materials and components that can withstand wear and tear.
  • It’s fun. With access to over a hundred courses, modes, network play and challenges, you can correct your swing and have fun doing it surrounded by friends and competitors.

The Best Golf Launch Monitor Beats Out the Competition

If you’re wondering what makes the Wave stand out, you’re in luck. The Golfzon Wave launch monitor differs from the competition in several ways.

One of the most significant differences is its portability. Unlike many other launch monitors on the market, the Wave is small enough to fit in a travel bag, making it easy to take wherever you go. This makes it perfect for golfers who want to practice at home or on the go.

Another way the Golfzon Wave differs from the competition is its accuracy. The device uses advanced hardware and software to give golfers accurate swing and ball flight data. This allows golfers to identify areas where they need to improve and adjust their swing accordingly.

The Golfzon Wave also differentiates itself thanks to its ease of use. The device features a simple interface that allows you to start practicing immediately without spending hours learning how to use it. This makes it an excellent choice for golfers who want to improve their game but only have a little time to spend on practice.

Innovative features like the first-of-its-kind putting mat also help it stand apart from the rest. This also makes the launch monitor act like a golf putting simulator in a truly immersive and engaging way. You gain access to over 140 worldwide golf courses, providing a fun and engaging way to practice your game. This feature sets the Wave apart from other launch monitors on the market, making it one of the best home golf launch monitors for indoor and outdoor use.

Wave Launch Monitor: FAQ

Do you still have launch monitor questions? We have the answers. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about launch monitors and the Golfzon Wave:

Q: What is a launch monitor?

A: A launch monitor is a device that measures the trajectory and other performance data of a golf shot. Most launch monitors use sensors to track the movements of the club and ball and they typically display this information on a screen or computer. The more common data measurements are club speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and more.

Q: What is a golf simulator?

A: A golf simulator is a device that uses a launch monitor to project the ball flight onto a screen that simulates an actual course. A simulator allows you to play virtual rounds of golf on different courses from around the world. Some simulators also offer various features such as games, challenges, tournaments and more.

Q: What’s the difference between a launch monitor and a simulator?

A: A launch monitor is a device that measures the data of a golf shot, while a simulator is a device that uses a launch monitor-like system to show the ball’s flight on a screen. A launch monitor can be used without a simulator. A golf simulator, however, is an all-encompassing system that creates an immersive golf experience.

Q: How does the Golfzon Wave work?

A: This portable launch monitor for golf works by using cameras and sensors to capture both the clubface and ball impact at the same time. It then uses an app on your smartphone or tablet to display various data parameters and features. You can also use the infrared putting mat to play and analyze your putts.

Q: How do I set up the Golfzon Wave?

A: To set up the Golfzon Wave, you need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet and pair it with the device via Wi-Fi. From here, you can set up the putting mat and radar sensor, which needs to be placed eleven feet at least from your ball. It comes with a helpful tripod when out on the range as well. If you want to use the putting mat, place it in front of the device so it’s easy to access. Once connected and situated, it’s just a matter of deciding what you want to play and how you’re looking to improve.

Watch the Wave setup in action.

Q: How much space do I need to use the Golfzon Wave?

A: The space you need to use the Golfzon Wave depends on your swing speed and club choice. Generally speaking, you need at least 10 feet of width, 10 feet of height and 15 feet of depth for indoor use. For outdoor use, you need at least 20 feet of depth.

Q: How long does the battery last on the Golfzon Wave?

A: The battery life of the Golfzon Wave depends on how often you use it and what features you use. On average, it lasts for about four hours on a full charge.

Q: How much does the Golfzon Wave cost?

A: The Golfzon Wave costs $3,995 for the device only. You can also purchase a subscription which unlocks additional courses and features.

The Wave Revolutionizes Your Golf Game Anywhere You Go

The Wave is a revolutionary launch monitor system that combines two devices to capture every shot from tee to flag, including putts. It uses a radar sensor and a high-speed camera to measure various parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and more. It also provides instant feedback and analysis on a smartphone app or PC software, allowing you to improve your game and enjoy realistic simulations of famous courses.

The Golfzon Wave is the best launch monitor for golf, built for players of all levels who want to practice and play anywhere, anytime. It’s portable, easy to set up and accurate. It’s also affordable, costing much less than other high-end launch monitors.

With the Golfzon Wave, you can experience the thrill of golf like never before. So what are you waiting for?