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Come experience the triumphant glory of a Hole-in-one!

Come experience the triumphant glory of a Hole-in-one!

Golfzon has prepared another magnificent event!

The Hole-in-one contest will take place for about a month from February 19 to March 17.

A hole-in-one, an experience every golfer dreams of. You may be struck with good luck, so have confidence and give it a try!


There is an incredible prize awaiting this event.

If you succeed in a hole-in-one, you will receive a whopping $1,000 worth of Amazon gift card!

If only one person succeeds during the event, he or she will receive the full $1,000; if multiple winners emerge, the $1,000 will be divided equally among the winners.

So participate and win big!

hole-in-one prize of $1,000 amazon gift card

This contest will be held at the 17th hole at Bay Hill Club & Lodge located in Florida, USA!

This course is renowned for being designed by the legendary professional golfer Arnold Palmer and has recently been integrated into Golfzon's system,

attracting many Golfzon enthusiasts for rounds of golf.

Bay Hill Club & Lodge in FL, USA

Participation is very simple: Log in with your own ID, select Bay Hill Club & Lodge, and complete your round.

When you reach the 17th hole, relax, quietly say to yourself “I can do it!” and swing lightly!

Please note, you must complete a full round of 18 holes on the course in Stroke mode.

How to participate in Golfzon Hole-in-one Contest

For more details about the Hole-in-one Contest at 'Bay Hill Club & Lodge' #17 from February 19 to March 17,



Make a hole-in-one to win the prize

Anyone can win!

Have confidence and take a shot while envisioning what you can buy with the prize money-