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Participate in Under-Par Challenge Event

Challenge yourself on Golfzon's most demanding course

and aim for an Under-Par score!

Can you believe that there is actually a golf course with a 925-yard Par-5 hole?

Yes, it's the incredible Apex Challenge Golf Club (Virtual) created by Golfzon, known as the most challenging course on the globe.

Are you ready to take on this course and set a new personal record?



During the event period, if you achieve an under-par score in the Apex Challenge GC, you will have the chance to win a great prize.

Any Golfzon enthusiast can take on the challenge, but to score under-par on this difficult course, you must showcase your skills and give it your best shot.



If you succeed in scoring under-par in the Apex Challenge GC, you will have a chance to win the coveted item among golfers as a prize: the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver.

By May 31, one participant who achieves under-par will be selected through a draw.


Moreover,  to enhance the enjoyment of Golfzon Round, all players participating in this event will receive the Golfzon Item: Electric Ball Flare.

Event participation is complete only after logging in with your ID and completing an 18-hole round.

Get excited for the upcoming Golfzon events, offering a chance to experience a variety of Golfzon items.

Now, let’s explore the participation details and join the Under-Par Challenge!

For more information on the event taking place in the Apex Challenge GC from 5/10 to 5/31, visit


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and tackle the most challenging course together!