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GOLFZON's new and exciting mode: Scramble format

GOLFZON's new and exciting Team Play!
Are you familiar with the Scramble Format?  

Golfzon Scramble Format

One of the reasons why golf is considered a very exciting and attractive sport is the variety of game formats it offers.

In particular, Scramble played in a team format is a type of game that reduces playing time and allows beginners to enjoy the game without pressure.

Scramble format allows multiple players to enjoy golf together.

It is played in teams of 4 people, allowing competition with all other teams on different holes.

Scramble Play has the advantage of allowing everyone to enjoy golf together regardless of individual skill differences.

It is similar to a foursome play, but the difference is that all team members play with their own ball.

Golfzon Scramble Format

Scramble allows two ways to play: Best Shot and Best Ball.

In the Best Shot format, each team member plays with their own ball. After each shot, the team decides which ball to continue playing with.

Typically, the team chooses the ball that is in the best position.

For example, if player A hits a great drive and player B hits a bad one, the team will choose to play from player A's position.

Similarly, in the Best Ball format, each team member plays with their own ball throughout the round, but at the end of each hole, the team records the best score among team members as the team scores for that hole.

For example, if one player scores a par, another player scores a birdie, and a third player scores a bogey, the team score for that hole would be recorded as a birdie. 

Golfzon Scramble Format

Golfzon Scramble Format

In Golfzon's Scramble format, up to 6 players can compete in 2 or 3 teams: While traditional Scramble Play on a field often involves 4 players in one team, it is usually played with teams of 2 or 3 players when played through the Golfzon Simulator.

When playing in Scramble format, many players prefer the Best Shot format. This is because it requires more strategic play than Best Ball, leading to a more thrilling game experience.

In the Best Shot format, each team of 2 or 3 players plays with their own balls. The team then chooses the best-positioned ball among all team members' shots from tee-shot to green play.

This selected ball is used to continue the play for the team's next shot. This format allows players to compensate for each other's mistakes, leading to potentially better scores than their usual records.


For instance, if players A and B are on the same team and hit tee shots where A's ball goes straight for 190yd while B's ball veers right for 200yd, assuming the course layout favors A's ball position, choosing A's ball for the next shot can put the team in an advantageous position.

The score for each hole is based on the best score from each team, and the team with the lowest total score at the end of the round wins the game.


As for how to set this up in the system, after all players log in, they need to select [Scramble] on the Player Mode selection screen.

Next, you'll need to form the teams for the competition. Up to 6 players can form up to 3 teams in a single simulator.

You can adjust the number of players per team from 1 to 5, depending on each player's skill level.

For example, you can have a 1 vs. 5 match, where the best player competes against the other 5 players in a team. This adds a new level of excitement.

After selecting the teams, you can also choose the Game Rule and Score Rule.

The Game Rule can be either [Best Shot] or [Best Ball], and the Score Rule can be either [Stroke] or [Match].

Additionally, you can set the course for the round and Play Conditions. Once everything is set, you can start the game.

As you may have seen, in Scramble play, it's advantageous to recruit team members with excellent skills to lead your team to victory.

Regardless of your golf skills, with good team composition, you can enjoy an exciting game in the Scramble format!

Have fun competing with your family and friends!