white golf bag stands with a swinging golfer

Academy & Driving Range

More than a launch monitor

Academy & Driving Range – GOLFZON Recommended Solution

  • GDR Standard golf simulator installed

    GDR Standard

    High-resolution dual camera
    Swing motion camera
    Touch-screen and pedal buttons
  • screen shot of golfzon's gdr software

    GDR Software

    Various and efficient practice modes
    Analytic shot data
    Data available on the web and mobile
  • screen shot of golfzon's vision software

    VISION Software

    160+ golf course
    20 High-Definition golf course
    Tournament system

GDR delivers a state-of-the-art practice
experience that a typical outdoor range cannot provide.

  • some people are practicing golf using golfzon's golf simulator
  • some people are practicing golf using golfzon's golf simulator
  • a female golfer is swinging beside of golfzon's gdr standard

The 21st Century Driving Range

Unlike the traditional driving range experience, the GDR provides players with intelligent performance data such as ball flight, swing capture, posture adjustment, club speed, making every practice session more beneficial for players and coaches. We are confident your customers will see the tremendous benefits of the GDR system after the first exposure to our revolutionary technology. You will be able to build a large and loyal customer base very rapidly.

  • a female golfer is ready to swing beside of golfzon's gdr standard
  • golfzon's gdr standard is displaying practice result on screen
  • a trainer is explaning her swing stance

The GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE was Designed for Beginners to Serious Golfers

Regardless of the player’s skill level, GOLFZON Driving Range is simple and intuitive to use. Those looking to keep records of their progress can download the GOLFZON’s free mobile app. All swing data including video swing capture can be shared with coaches and friends.

GOLFZON Academy & Driving Range Case Study

Surbiton Golf Studio, Surbiton UK

A truly unique golf experience awaits you when you visit Surbiton Golf Studios where PGA professionals are always on hand to provide you with high-tech, data-driven golf training on GOLFZON simulators. This level of world-class game improvement academy is the first of its kind in the region and has attracted golfers who travel near and far to take their game to the next level.

Name of Site
Surbiton Golf Studio(London, United Kingdom)
Grand Open Date
March 22nd, 2010
Total Number of GOLFZON System
One VISION and One GDR systems
Surbiton Golf Studio, Simpson Way, Surbiton, UK
+44 20 8398 5423
How many customers visit per day?
Weekday 12-20 / Weekend 10-15
What is average usage hour of GOLFZON simulator per group?
1 hour in daytime / 2 hours in the evening
What is a key role of GOLFZON system at your academy?
GDR for golf lessons / VISION for practice and rounds of golf in the evening
Why did you choose GOLFZON system?
Site owner standpoint. Easy to operate, graphics and accuracy
How do you manage if a golf simulator needs maintenance?
Local Dealership