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World-Class Training Program Integrated with Award-Winning GOLFZON Technology

Golfzon Total Optimization Program completely manages all data with one single program to include lesson analysis derived from detailed golf performance statistics, GDR(GOLFZON Driving Range) lessons, swing mechanics, physical condition and the development of an optimized training solution customized to each player. This unmatched platform is achieved with unparalleled technology and years of experience.

  • All data managed by one single integrated system
  • Real-time interaction via custom app on tablet and smartphone devices
  • Real-time lesson and communication anytime, anywhere

    Shot statistical data for every connected club
    In-Out motion shot analysis solution
    Practice in different course environments modes: Driving Range, Nearest-to-the-Pin, and Putting Modes
  • Swing and Shot Analysis System

    Connected Swing Mechanism
    Kinetic Chain Analysis
    Weight Balance Analysis
    Swing Video Analysis
  • Physical Fitness Evaluation System

    Connected Fitness Condition
    Player is tested for flexibility, agility, and muscular strength
    Fitness, Pilates and Therapy data is stored on system


GDR(GOLFZON Driving Range)

Premium/Compact (Outdoor/Indoor)

GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE simulator (the practice platform of choice by LPGA players) enables player’s ability to experience the best of both outdoor and indoor training regardless of weather conditions.

  • golfer-is-trying-to-hit-a-golf-ball
  • golfer-swing-infront-screen
  • GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE provides the most accurate historical performances statistics by a player by recording ball speed, backspin, left-to-right spin, greens-in-regulation (GIR) analysis, the club in/out motion analysis, and front/side swing motion analysis. All data is recorded for in-depth performance evaluation.

    GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE-program-player-by-recording
  • Practice mode in various environments allows players to experience on-course experiences such as tee-shots, nearest-to-the-pin and putting. Intensive training can be customized to allow for practice in many different playing situations.



Exactly replicates world-renowned courses in amazing 3D, allowing players to develop their competition strategies before playing the actual course.


Swing and Shot Analysis System(PRESOL)

PRESOL is a smart swing and shot analysis platform that is able to capture a player’s swing in 3D and intelligently suggest customized solutions by precisely evaluating the swing using state-of-the-art 3D swing analysis equipment. PRESOL can systematically check the changes in the players by methodically recording and managing various data, including the moving images of a swing, the flow of the lower body-upper body-hands motion while swinging, and weight shift (left foot-right foot).

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  • capture-smart-swing-and-shot-analysis-platform
  • smart-swing-and-shot-analysis-platform-screen

Physical Fitness Evaluation System

GOLFZON’s artificial intelligence system enables the precise evaluation of a player’s physical condition by calculating various fitness data based on live tests with our trained instructor. Our system then creates an optimized training program that comprehensively measures the player’s motor ability, such as flexibility, agility, balance, with the latest physical measuring tools. Regular diagnosis of players’ physical condition and review of historical test data allows for the achievement of optimal physical performance.

  • player’s-physical-condition-precise-evaluation-On-the-machine
  • Regular-diagnosis-of-players’-physical-condition-Hanging-on-a-rod
  • player-condition-diagnosis-with-coach