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Golfwith X Samsung Galaxy Watch

Golfer's hand wearing Samsung Gear S2 with smart caddie screen on

Service Features

Golfwith SMART CADDIE supports Golf Shot Distance, Auto Hole Recognition, Course Elevation and Scorecard.
With Golfwith SMART CADDIE, you don't need any other devices to enjoy golf.
Your golf experience will become smarter than before. Enjoy your smart golf for free with Gear S2/S3.

  • Over 60,000 Courses & Outstanding course support

    Golfwith SMART CADDIE supports over 60,000 worldwide golf courses. Can’t you find your golf course? Let us know!

  • Auto Hole Recognition

    Golfwith SMART CADDIE finds your hole of the golf course quickly and accurately! With Golfwith SMART CADDIE, you can enjoy your golf more easily.

  • Golf Course Elevation

    Golf course elevation is one of the most important consideration of golfers. Golfwith SMART CADDIE will let you know strategies for the golf play through accurate golf course elevation information. It's all for free!

    * The elevation information is only provided for clubs in USA. As to clubs in other countries, we’re planning to update it as soon as possible.

  • Support Golf Course SCORECARD

    Our User Interface is amazingly easy and comfortable. You can enter your scorecard with few touches or through connecting with Golfwith SCORECARD App. You can manage your golf scores and various statistics.

  • Course view & Green map

    Only the distance to the pin has been available in the past. Upgraded course view function allows user to see the entire course image now. Apprehend the hazard and bunker course at a glance and target your home course strategically.

    * The following function is limited to the selected golf courses for now. We are trying to expand it to every golf courses in the world.

    * Supported golf courses ▶


Easy and convenient features help the round

  • Smart caddie quick search screen

    Quick Search

    If you rotate the bezel to the left or right side quickly on the Search Menu, it displays a list of the index.

  • Smart caddie hole adjusting screen

    Adjust Hole Manually

    If you want to change hole manually, just rotate the bezel. Our intuitive UI lets you change the hole manually anytime you want.

  • Smart Caddie play information screen

    Play Information

    Easy to change the unit of the distance between meters and yards. Just click right side button to change the unit. Also, you can check information of current GPS condition and remaining battery easily.