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Double the fun with Golfzon Items

Equip yourself with an item that highlights your unique personality and double the fun of Golfzon Round!


Golfzon Items

Golfzon develops various services to provide more enjoyable experiences for golfers.

Golfzon Items provide visual enjoyment and helpful tips for playing.

Golfzon Items can greatly enhance the enjoyment and satisfaction of players during rounds or while training in practice range mode.

Golfzon Items include various products such as Ball Flare, Color Ball, My Caddie, etc., allowing you to express your own unique personality.

Ball Flare enables users to decorate the tail of the ball while it is in flight with various visual effects,

and Color Ball allows users to select a ball in their preferred style to play the game.

The Caddie provides tips via voice to help you strategize the course more effectively, including distance, direction, and wind strength.

Especially when putting, Caddie's advice can be very helpful, so be sure to give it a try!

Before starting a round, you can log in with your personal ID on the [Player Settings] screen of Golfzon Item,

where you can view and select from your items in the My Item List.

You can enjoy visual pleasure by participating in various events prepared by Golfzon to acquire Golfzon Items.

Check out ongoing events at and secure various items in your [My Item] list!

Also, in Practice Mode, you can freely experience various Ball Flares and Color Balls as much as you want, so be sure to check it out!


 Let’s now equip ourselves with an awesome item and enjoy a round!