Golf Digest Awards
Golfzon Best Premium Simulator and Amateurs and Pros Alike Agree

April 29, 2020

For the fourth year in a row, Golf Digest awarded Golfzon's Vision Premium the Editor's Choice Award for Best Simulator in the Premium category.


Here's what Golf Digest had this to say about the Vision Premium:

"The system's sensors capture your swing, impact and spin, not only displaying your ball flight but recording key data points, which are stored via the cloud on various electronic devices. While most simulators have a stationary, one-surface mat, Vision Premium boasts a moving platform, which provides uphill, sidehill, downhill lies along with three hitting surfaces (fairway, rough, sand). With 190 elegant courses and dozens of practice arcade games, boredom will not be an issue."

Golfzon may be Golf Digest's top pick for best golf simulator but do golfers agree?

Amateur Golfers Will Never Play On An Indoor Golf Simulator The Same

Many golfers in North America roll their eyes at the notion golf can be fun and immersive on a golf simulator. They complain about everything from poor quality projector, mats and balls to the lack of putting and glitchy systems.

But after using a Golfzon simulator, their views are completely flipped. From the realistic graphics and multiple hitting surfaces that adjust to your lie and top-notch technology, golfers are blown away by the realism and accuracy of playing golf on a Golfzon simulator. Here are a few reactions from amateur golfers after trying Golfzon for the first time:

"I was blown away…the technology is unparalleled. No other simulator I have played offers 3 different hitting surfaces (fairway, rough and sand), video playback, a floor that rotates based on the pitch of the course and incredibly realistic graphics. Couldn't recommend more highly!"

"In my opinion, this tech is as good as it gets and the graphics are excellent. Hitting bays are large, the auto-tee is handy, and putting is accurate."

"Best simulator experience, bar none. Allows you to practice all facets of your game, including hitting from a slope."

"The simulator is precise and the closest thing to a round of golf you will find anywhere. I am impressed with all the simulator's features that allow for peak performance."

There are approximately 30,000 Golfzon simulators in operation in 62 countries (over 6,200 sites worldwide) and 59 million golf rounds played on Golfzon simulators annually. Golfers can visit the Golfzon website to find a Golfzon location near them.

Golf Digest Awards Golfzon Best Premium Simulator and Amateurs and Pros Alike Agree
Golfzon Golf Simulators Are Good for Amateurs, Even Better for the Pros

While most professional golfers on the PGA Tour live in locations with year-round sunshine like Florida, Arizona, Southern California, or Las Vegas, they still need to find ways to practice indoors. Four-time PGA Tour winner Kevin Na uses a Golfzon simulator.

Golf Digest Awards Golfzon Best Premium Simulator and Amateurs and Pros Alike Agree

Few things are as important to professional golfers as accuracy – being able to eliminate doubt and make a confident swing are paramount to scoring well and ultimately winning. The accuracy of Golfzon golf simulators was just one element that turned Na into a Golfzon loyalist.

Additionally, professional golfers are traveling constantly and sometimes don't get the opportunity to play practice rounds prior to the start of the tournament. Kevin Na takes advantage of Golfzon's extensive and constantly expanding library of courses as he prepares for competition. Many golf courses in Golfzon’s suite are PGA Tour courses that allow Na to ‘see’ the course before he arrives and get in a virtual practice round leading into the tournament.

"I use Golfzon to prepare for golf tournaments because I've played tour courses like Harbour Town, Sea Island, and Pebble Beach," shares Na. "The golf courses are mapped out and they have exactly what the contours of the golf course are and wherever your ball ends up the moveable swing plate will adjust. And when it goes in a bunker you put the ball in the bunker teeing area."

Na also uses his Golfzon to practice putting.

He goes on to share, "I really like the Golfzon putting system. The grids let you read the break and allows you to really focus on what you're doing. With the Golfzon simulator you can see your ball speed and the shape of your shot afterwards you can look at the camera and see how you swing the club and analyze what you did wrong with that swing."

All these various features allow Na to work on his game indoors without having to set foot on an outdoor driving range or on the course. This is especially nice for all levels of golfer as Na says, "Golfzon is good for any type of player whether you’re a beginner and not quite ready to play in front of people, or juniors who come home from school and the weather isn't good and you don't have time to go practice or you don't want to burn a day."

And finally, Na shares Golfzon indoor simulators are great "for guys like me – Tour players – who have families, and time is really valuable to me; I want to spend as much time as possible at home, with the family. But at the same time, it’s [golf] work for me, so I have to balance that well. With Golfzon, I can be home and be working at the same time. So, for me, it’s a no-brainer."

So, whether golfers are looking for a fun, casual way to play golf indoors or working on their game at the highest level, it's clear that Golfzon indoor golf simulators have it all. From realistic graphics and lies to technology that delivers the most accurate data possible, Golfzon provides all players with a truly immersive experience that's as close as you can get to playing on an outdoor golf course.

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